You can use your refrigerator to store food, but you may wonder why your food tastes like chemicals. Having chemical-tasting food is not healthy. In fact, it could be harmful. But there are many reasons for this. Some of them are harmless, but others are more concerning. Learn why food tastes like chemicals to get an answer to this common question. Here are some of the possible culprits. You can avoid the chemical taste in your food by making it last longer.

Rotten citrus

If you’ve ever wondered why the fruit in your fridge smells and tastes like chemicals, you’re not alone. Rotting citrus is one of the leading causes of chemical fridge smells and tastes, but don’t worry; the problem is easy to fix. Rotting citrus releases a distinct bitter odor that’s difficult to identify – but you can avoid it entirely by removing it from the fridge and letting it air out. If this is not possible, you’ll have to store it somewhere else until it’s gone.

Refrigerant leak

The common cause of the chemical taste and smell of your fridge is rotten citrus. Fortunately, you can remedy this easily. Citrus fruit and pulp are notorious for giving off a strong odor. If you’re not sure how to remedy this problem, try airing out your fridge and adding some baking soda to the bottom. You may also try heating the charcoal in your oven for an hour.

Chemical cleaners

There’s a good chance that you’re experiencing a chemical-like smell coming from your refrigerator. This is the result of a buildup of chemical cleaners. However, a deeper problem could be a leak in your refrigerator’s coolant. If your fridge is leaking coolant, it could be causing the chemical smell as well. This smell is typically pungent ammonia or sharp acetone. If you notice an odor lingering in your fridge, open the door or windows.


It is always better to see a doctor if you’re experiencing unusual bleeding while eating foods stored in your refrigerator. Your doctor will ask you a few questions and conduct a physical examination to determine what might be causing it. Several factors may be causing this problem, such as the color of your stool, which can indicate whether you’re anemic or not. Having a stool sample done can also help your doctor determine the severity of the problem and how severe the bleeding is.

Aromatic foods

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “Aromatic foods in my fridge taste like chemicals!”, you’re not alone. Millions of people have experienced this problem. Many food odors originate from the presence of aromatics. Some of these flavors are transferred by other foods or the combination of aromatics with slightly aromatic foods. Other foods, like antifreeze, may be the culprit. To reduce freezer odors, quarantine aromatics, use airtight seals on leftovers, and find a way to minimize the smells in your refrigerator.

Activated charcoal

The reason your refrigerator smells and tastes like chemicals may be due to rotten citrus. While it may be a nuisance, it’s a simple solution. Citrus fruit is notorious for leaving a chemical smell behind. If your fridge smells like this, it might be due to rotten citrus pulp. If so, you can simply discard the fruit or its pulp and start fresh. But this solution is only effective for a few days.


You might be wondering: Why does the food in my refrigerator taste like chemicals? It may sound like an absurd question, but the answer is actually quite simple. In some cases, the food in the fridge has the smell of rotten citrus. It absorbs the smell from the fridge and starts to taste the same way. The reason for this strange smell could be that the molecules in the food are interacting with the odor to give it a chemical taste.