Are you curious to find out who won the Food Network Star season two finale? There are a number of contenders, including Dan McDonagh and Cory McNab, and it’s hard to pick a winner from such a talented group. Here are the details about these candidates. Read on to find out who won the show and what they have in common. Here are the winners of the first season:

Jason Smith

In 2017, Jason Smith took home the top prize on Food Network Star, becoming one of the show’s newest members. He walked away from the competition as the new champion after the finale, held in New York City, with a cash prize of $1 million. Smith, from Mississippi, won over Rusty Hamlin in the competition. The show’s judges praised his culinary skill, and his mother is a good dessert chef.

One of the most popular winners of the show is Jason Smith, who has become an Internet celebrity with his flamboyant personality and knack for cooking. His self-taught cooking skills have earned him recognition as a holiday baking champion and winner of the Holiday Baking Championship. He also has a Kentucky accent and a flair for fashion. He’s a big fashionista, working with two stylists to keep his look fresh and stylish. He also changes his clothing at least five or six times a day.

Cory McNab

The ninth season of “Top Chef” featured executive chefs, farm-to-table advocates, and business owners. It also featured fiery personalities, over-the-top entertainers, and competitive spirits. Cory McNab won the show in a surprising turn. Although the show was largely about food, it also showcased the talent of the contestants, whose culinary skills have shaped their careers.

Jeff Mauro

When he first appeared on the Food Network, Jeff Mauro was just known as the Sandwich King, but his charisma has allowed him to become a popular television host and culinary expert. He has successfully combined his love of cooking with his unique sense of humor, and the result is a show that has become a household name. After winning the competition, Mauro appeared on several talk shows and appeared on The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Beat Bobby Flay. He has also judged a number of television shows, including Chopped Junior, Cupcake Wars, and Beat Bobby Flay. He has also appeared on his own dream show, Sandwich King, which ran from 2011 to 2014.

While growing up, Mauro was very active in school play, performing in local theater, and taking acting lessons. He went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in radio and television from Bradley University in Illinois. In his career, he has starred on numerous television shows, and co-owns Prime Time Deli & Catering. During the seventh season of Food Network Star, he competed in a reality competition centered around cooking shows. His show is based around sandwiches, and during the competition, the judges were impressed by Mauro’s humor and charisma.

Amy Finley

The winner of the 2017 Food Network Star competition was Amy Finley, who became the first female to win the reality series. Despite the success of her show, Finley did not return for a second season. Instead, she relocated to France with her family and subsequently lived a low-key lifestyle. She has made one appearance on cable television, however, on an episode of Chopped featuring past Food Network Star winners.

After winning the third season of the competition, Amy Finley was offered her own show. She turned down the offer, as she felt that her audience would be too demanding to watch more episodes. The show aired for six episodes, but she has decided not to air them because of the “vicious attacks” from food bloggers. Instead, she has gone on to write a memoir called How to Eat in a Small Country.

Dan McDonagh

The next Food Network Star will be announced in a few days, and fans can’t wait to see who takes the crown. While the show’s previous winners included Steve Smith and Dan McDonagh, this season’s winner is not an Irishman. The young man has a diverse background, having worked in the film industry and been a voice actress for children’s television shows. He was chosen over hundreds of others.

McDonagh was born and raised in Wayne, New Jersey. His parents are British immigrants, who divorced when he was a young boy. He grew up eating basic working-mom fare, and he began cooking for his family as a teenager. He has one sister, and attended William Paterson College, where he studied acting and backed himself up as a cater-waiter.