The final episode of Food Network Star season 12 has come and gone, but who emerged as the winner? There are four candidates who stood out this season: Christian, Martita, Erin Campbell, and Tregaye Fraser. Read on to find out which one dominated this season! Also, discover who the runners-up are! You’ll love this season for all its unique challenges! And who can forget the delicious food Christian served?

Tregaye Fraser

In her victory speech, Tregaye Fraser called for a call to the judges, saying that she was “overwhelmed by the adoration of the viewers.” She was the first African American woman to win the show, and she’s the host of the hit show “The Kitchen Sink.” She has also won “Cutthroat Kitchen” and “Guy’s Grocery Games.” Her cooking skills have also been recognized by television and event hosting.

She’s a seasoned chef who loves to reinvent traditional recipes and is pursuing her dream of hosting her own culinary talk show. While competing on “Food Network Star,” Fraser shared her recipe for crab deviled eggs. Her eponymous “Tregaye’s Way in the Kitchen” will air on OWN and Discovery+ in January 2021. Previously, she hosted “Cakealikes,” a show that brought together celebrity chefs and home cooks.

Erin Campbell

Erin Campbell is a celebrity chef and owner of Nadia Cakes in Woodbury. She was the winner of the Holiday Baking Championship Season 1 competition. She is also a finalist on Food Network Star season 12. A longtime employee at Nadia Cakes, Campbell recently moved to Woodbury to run their pastry shop. Her food-related achievements include being named a Best New Chef by the viewers of the show.

In addition to her show-stopping baking skills, Erin enjoys cooking and has many interests. She stays connected to nature and is always looking for new trends and techniques. This is one of the reasons she has won the show. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she loves creating delicious desserts. She created an entire dessert that has chocolate mousse in it! Erin’s creations are so delicious, viewers will be lining up to order them!


Unlike the previous season, Martita is a Latina, which is a plus in my book. She brings a lot of energy to the table and is great at presenting her Mexican heritage theme. Her winning performance in the Star Salvation episode was a clear indicator of her potential, and she has moved on to the next season. Martita’s eloquent and passionate speeches will definitely keep viewers interested.

The season begins with a live broadcast of the live finals. In addition to Bobby and Giada, Martita is joined by special guests, including Anne Burrell, Haylie Duff, Guy Fieri, Duff Goldman, Katie Lee, and Rev Run. Martita’s comeback is well-deserved, and she is well-suited to be the face of the Food Network.

Jess Tom

A self-taught chef from Pleasantville, New York, Jess Tom has won Food Network Star Season 14. She has also made an appearance on the show through the series Star Salvation. As the first novelist to compete on the show, Tom stood out for her evocative writing, and she won the competition on a tie-breaker – her ability to describe food. Jess Tom has since gone on to build a massive Instagram following and has appeared on the TODAY Show and Good Morning America.

A native of New York, Jess Tom was born to a food-obsessed family. Her father is Chinese, while her mother is from Madagascar. She lived in several countries, including Norway, China, and the Caribbean. While at Yale, she dated a waiter and fell in love with restaurant dynamics. She interned for the food network and Tim Zagat, and had lunch with both of them at the famed Jean-Georges restaurant.

Manny Washington

If you’re wondering how Manny Washington won Food Network Star Season 12, you aren’t alone. A firefighter in Miami, Manny Washington has an interesting story to tell, as well as a culinary perspective. In his episode, “What’s in a Name?”, he called the Pioneer Woman the wrong name, but that doesn’t make him any less of a winner. Despite his rocky beginnings on the show, Manny quickly became a fan favorite.

As the competition got tougher, the three remaining contestants were tied in the final episode. Fortina chef Christian Petroni tied with Pleasantville High School grad Jessica Tom, but fans felt that 30-year-old Orlando firefighter Manny Washington should have won. In fact, a recent poll by the Journal News/lohud found that more than half of viewers thought Manny should have won, with just seven percent choosing Jessica Tom.

Christian Petroni

When it comes to winning Food Network Star, Christian Petroni deserves the prize. He impressed Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, and the judges during the competition. This season’s winner will have a chance to win even more. Christian has already made a name for himself as a regular on the Food Network show. The two have been competing in the competition since the first season.

The contestants who made it through the elimination round had to compete against each other and a final two was chosen. The judges were Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay, who had previously invited Christian to join their competition. Despite the differences in their personalities and cooking skills, both chefs are equally watchable. Christian Petroni’s recipe for “Champagne & Eggs” won him over the rest of the competition.