which food would you not choose for a picnic

Which foods would you not choose for a picnic? Melons, unpasteurized juices, unrefrigerated breads and crackers, potato salad, and whole desserts are all foods that may harbor pathogenic bacteria. To avoid such risks, wash all fruits and vegetables before using them. A colorful fruit salad may contain E. coli, salmonella, and listeria, and should be washed thoroughly.

Unpasteurized juices

Whether you’re planning a picnic with your family or taking along a jug of freshly squeezed juice, you may be wondering whether to bring unpasteurized juice. It’s important to consider the risk of foodborne illness, especially for children. Unpasteurized juices may be contaminated with harmful bacteria. Regardless of where the juice comes from, it’s important to keep it refrigerated and consume it within its best before date.

Unrefrigerated breads and crackers

While many people opt for chilled food for a picnic, you can also bring unrefrigerated breads and cracker for your picnic. Soft cheeses are not good to bring because of their high moisture content and they may melt. Hard cheeses are better because they can last for long hours even after being opened. They also make great sandwiches and are more versatile than soft cheeses. You can also buy different types of crackers.

Potato salad

Fruit is an excellent choice for a picnic. However, fruit that is not thoroughly washed can carry harmful bacteria. Even a colorful fruit salad can harbor salmonella, E. coli, and listeria. Therefore, before packing fruits, make sure to thoroughly wash them. You may also want to pack bottled water. In addition, you should keep a hand sanitizer nearby to clean up after touching raw meat.

Whole desserts

When it comes to picnic foods, you definitely don’t want to bring a big slice of cake or a giant frosted layer cake. Besides, a whole dessert would be a mess on a picnic blanket and likely not very appetizing. Instead, choose a single serving of a smaller dessert or something more portable, such as a small hand pie.


Although potatoes are a good source of fiber and vitamin C, they are not ideal for a picnic. They contain far more calories than other vegetables and most potato salads are laden with excessive mayo. Instead, opt for a bean or grain salad. You can also bring chocolates to your picnic but remember to pack them in single servings to avoid a huge mess. In addition, make sure to pack them in air-tight containers.


Dogs can enjoy picnics, but make sure to pack a dog-friendly treat. Bring dog food and some treats for them to nibble on. Dogs are happiest on a regular diet, so avoid giving them large chunks of bones and gristle. They may be happy with your company, but it will probably end up causing them more harm than good. They’re better off avoiding chocolate altogether.


If you’re planning a picnic, it’s important to think outside of the basket! Prepare a multi-course picnic meal to make the most of your time outside. You can choose salad, starter, and main course options for your meal. You can also add a dessert or two for a picnic that’s sure to please everyone. Here are some pasta dishes that would make great picnic fare.