Which food item contains a lot of processed simple-sugars? Refined sugars, Oatmeal, Condensed milk, Fruit cookie pot? And why? Simple-sugars are a crucial source of energy for our brains, but they’re not healthy when consumed in large quantities. In fact, they can be dangerously high in calories.

Refined sugars

If you want to eat a cookie that is low in refined sugar, the best option is to avoid refined products. Most baked goods, including fruit cookie pots, contain a lot of refined sugar. Simple sugars are known by different names, including cornflour, fortified wheat flour, honey, malted barley extract, and dextrose. If you’re concerned about refined sugars in your cookies, choose a more natural sweetener like monk fruit.

Brown sugar, a form of refined sugar, contains less than a quarter of the sugar that is found in white granulated sugar. Brown sugar, on the other hand, contains about one-half as much sucrose as white sugar, and is generally less processed. While brown sugar can be used in recipes to create more complex flavors, it’s also a poor choice for baking. Unlike brown sugar, white sugar is less likely to cause burnt cookies or produce overly sweet baked goods.


The most common reason that people choose to consume processed sweets is because of their high calorie content and sugars. In fact, 87% of Americans choose to consume sweets instead of whole grains, including oatmeal. Oatmeal has a high content of complex carbohydrates, and therefore, it is best to use it sparingly. The following are some ways to prepare oatmeal as a healthy sweet treat.

Oatmeal contains important micronutrients. It is a good source of soluble fiber, beta-glucan, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and decreases cholesterol. Oats also contain antioxidants, which help fight free radicals in the body. You can make your oatmeal fancy by adding spices and low-sugar mix-ins. Moreover, oatmeal is a satisfying meal.

Condensed milk

You might be wondering why you should avoid using condensed milk in your fruit cookie pot. The simple answer is that it is a highly processed form of sugar. However, this substance has many health benefits and is much cheaper than the store-bought variety. It’s also delicious and warm. Not to mention, homemade sweetened condensed milk is much healthier.

Instead of using sweetened condensed milk in your fruit cookie pot, make it yourself. It’s as easy as adjusting the proportions. Using sugar helps you control the amount of milk that scorches, but the amount is smaller than regular condensed milk. If you use regular condensed milk, the amount of sugar per cup of milk is usually one cup. Thinner milks will need longer to reduce, but they’ll yield less.

Despite the fact that condensed milk is a processed sweetener, it is still a key ingredient in most fruit cookie pots. It’s also an ingredient in the dessert known as banoffee. Rather than use fruit or cream, condensed milk is used as a layer between the banana and the biscuit base. This tart originated in the British county of Kent and is a dessert with pastry cases layered with bananas and condensed or evaporated milk.