If you’re unsure where to buy Genshin Impact ingredients, you can start by exploring the world of Teyvat. There are a lot of places you can find ingredients, including wild creatures that glint when you approach them. You can catch them, kill them in battle, and loot barrels from enemy camps. Alternatively, you can buy Zutaten in towns such as Monstadt. You can learn more about how to process Genshin Impact here.


Where to buy food in Genshin Impact? The game has several general goods stores that you can visit, as well as cook NPCs that will sell you ingredients you need for recipes. You can also use the game’s inventory to buy ingredients or process them yourself. To cook certain recipes, you need a specific ingredient that you can obtain through various methods, including farming or fishing. Below are some general tips for buying food in Genshin Impact.

A general merchandise shop located near the Liyue Harbor is called the Second Life Shop. In addition to cooking ingredients, you can purchase food items from this store for commission. You can find this shop beside the Wanmin Restaurant, which is also located in the area. Alternatively, you can visit Ms. Bai’s shop in Liyue to buy ingredients for recipes. There are some items you may need for quests in the game, so be sure to buy them as soon as you find them.


The game’s cooking menu lets players make meals with ingredients they have in their inventory. These recipes can be used to boost stats and raise party members from the dead. While cooking, players can either choose to cook manually or autocook their dishes. The recipes themselves are most likely based on real life ingredients, and some are more complicated than others. Players can find helpful tips and tricks for preparing them on the game’s official website, which is in Chinese.

While the game starts with nine cooking recipes, players can unlock more by clearing domains and participating in time-limited events. In addition to looting chests and completing quests, players can also buy and sell certain ingredients and cooking tools. Listed below are some of the best recipes available in Genshin Impact. While cooking can be a pain, cooking in Genshin Impact is a great way to save precious energy.


There are several core mechanics in Genshin Impact, including the ability to process ingredients. Players must gather ingredients by gathering two or more Sweet Flowers. In some cases, these Flowers are foraged from the wild while others are purchased from shops. However, some ingredients are not available in the Wild and must be processed before they can be used. This guide will give you some tips and tricks for processing the ingredients to create the best possible dish.

Foodstuff in Genshin Impact are available at Sara’s shop in Mondstadt or Verr Goldet’s restaurant in Wangshu Inn in Liyue for 270 Mora per piece. You can also make your own Genshin Impact butter by processing milk from two bottles, requiring about five minutes to process. A key seasoning material for the Apple Stew is pepper. You can purchase pepper from Aoi or Blanche in Inazuma, and Dongsheng and Liyue.


Genshin Impact has a great amount of cooking options. Depending on the rarity and quality, Genshin Impact revive food can heal between 900 and 1,500 HP. However, it is important to note that you cannot revive your co-op partners with this food. It is possible to use food from other parts of the game to make this dish. There are four ingredients for this recipe. It is therefore very important to cook food in a manner that is not only effective but will also give your party a great boost in stats.

In Genshin Impact, you can craft different types of food to boost your character’s stats, heal yourself or revive your team. Food can be found scattered across the map, or be obtained from quest rewards. The food buffs can be used by any character, and only three can be active at a time. Moreover, the buffs do not stack. Once you have cooked three kinds of food, you will receive a buff that will last for a long time.


There are a few different ways to buy food in Genshin Impact. Players can visit general goods stores in the main hubs to buy food and cook NPCs to cook food. They can also buy food directly from restaurants. The game also gives players the opportunity to find recipes for the food they want to cook, which they can then process in the restaurants. For more options, check out the locations below. Also, you can purchase recipes for certain foods at certain locations, including the Good Hunter in Mondstadt and Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue.

Another way to buy food in Genshin Impact is at the Second Life Shop, which is located near the entrance of the Liyue Harbor. The shop sells a wide variety of food items, including commission foods and ingredients. You can purchase these items at a price of 60 Mora, but be sure to check for sales in other places too. This store can be found near the main gate and the water fountain.