If you’re an anime fan and are eagerly awaiting the fourth installment of “Food Wars,” you’re in luck. The fourth season will be released weekly, so there’s no need to wait long to catch up on your favorite show. Here’s where to watch the upcoming installment. It’s been announced for quite some time now, but when is food wars season 4 coming out? And where can I catch up?

Characters from

Food Wars fans have long been waiting for the fourth season of the hit manga and anime series. The highly-anticipated fourth season will bring new characters to the series, as well as new challenges. The series follows the lives of eight high school students who compete to become the best chef in their school. The anime has a unique blend of logical cooking, shonen animation, and high school students. It’s an all-star cast of characters and is sure to please the fans.

There is a shounen highschool vibe to Food Wars, with a steadfast protagonist. The series also has themes similar to My Hero Academia, including the power of friendship and family. Moreover, the series has a shounen high school setting, which makes it a highly addictive television show. And while Food Wars’ first season was very popular for its characters, its second season did not live up to the hype. However, it still managed to give its viewers something new with every season.

Shokugeki no Soma: Fifth Plate

As the season’s premiere approaches, many viewers are wondering when Shokugeki no Soma: The Fifth Plate will return to television screens. The series is an adaptation of the popular manga. It follows a group of chefs as they compete for a prize – a plate of food. Each episode follows a different chef, with each attempting to outdo the other. This season’s first episode focuses on the Tohtsuki school’s renowned chef. The food prepared is not just a dish that needs to be delicious, but must also be visually appealing.

The anime series aired for four seasons in Japan before deciding to end on September 25, 2020. While there is a strong possibility that the series will return in the form of prequel series or movies, there is no official confirmation of this. Though the show has already produced five OVA episodes and released them on Crunchyroll, no details about a film adaptation are available. Shokugeki no Soma: Fifth Plate is based on a manga series written by Yuto Takuda.


The voice cast for Food Wars Season 4 has been announced! Among those voicing characters are Blake Shepard, Stephanie Wittels, and Jay Hickman. These actors will be portraying the main characters of the manga, Soma Yukihira and Joichiro Yukihira. They will be the main characters in the fourth season of the show. The show is produced by Sentai Filmworks and directed by Kyle Colby Jones. You can view the full cast list in the near future.

The show’s cast has also changed a few characters. The cast members have become younger and more diverse. The show’s original cast was a group of foodies, but they’re now a mixed bag of ethnicities. A few of them are Korean, while others are Japanese. There are a few new faces on the show, so you can’t expect the same cast members from Season 3.

Release date

The fourth installment of the popular anime “Food Wars” is set to premiere on August 21 on Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block. The show will pick up the story after the end of Central’s Elite Ten duels. This time around, the characters will battle with new enemies and fight for supremacy over the Food Wars franchise. Streaming the series on Crunchyroll is free, but you can subscribe for $7.99 a month to watch the full series in English.

The fifth season of Food Wars was recently announced and will be the final season. It will be the last season of the show, which began airing on April 4, 2020. The series will conclude on September 25, 2021. Season six is unlikely to be made, but the anime could return in the form of OVAs, a prequel series, or even a movie. It will be interesting to see how this series will end.


If you’ve been waiting for the Food Wars! dub to come out in the West, the good news is that you can now watch the new season online for free. If you haven’t already subscribed to the service, you can do so for 30 days with a free trial. Thankfully, the site has a huge collection of anime, including both dubs and the original versions. To enjoy the dubbed version of the show, you can visit VRV and subscribe to their library.

If you don’t want to wait for the original Japanese version, you can get the English dub of the fourth season on Crunchyroll. Just be sure to join the service now, as it will offer you a subscription to Crunchyroll, which includes the Food Wars series. You can find all four seasons of the anime on this website, both dubbed and un-dubbed, on the premium edition.