There are a lot of theories about what the first food a U.S. astronaut ate in space. It may have been a Corned beef sandwich, Applesauce, a pureed beef and vegetable mixture, or perhaps a shrimp cocktail. But what is actually true? Glenn did not experience any problems with swallowing or chewing, but his consumption proved that people can eat in a weightless environment. Glenn went on to spend four terms in the U.S. Senate, and he later returned to space on a mission for President Bill Clinton.

Corned beef sandwich

The first astronaut to eat real food in space was astronaut John Glenn. The sandwich was smuggled into space on the Apollo 10 flight. While astronauts were eating astronaut food on the moon, astronauts also ate sandwiches while in space. To provide astronauts with a healthy, portable, and psychologically healthy diet, NASA has developed recipes for space-suit food.

While the astronauts on Gemini 3 weren’t following the rules, they were trying to get away with eating anything they could find. On March 23, 1965, astronaut John Young slipped a corned beef sandwich into his pocket before the launch. He then whipped it out during a quiet moment. The astronauts were so excited to eat the corned beef sandwich that audio evidence revealed the two astronauts discussing the crumbs of rye bread floating through the cabin.

Luckily, NASA has come a long way since the early days of Gemini. Now, astronauts are given the choice to choose from a menu of a variety of options. They are even identified by different colored tags. They also get three squares and a couple of snacks instead of food that is squeezed into tubes. This means astronauts don’t have to choose the same old sandwich again.


In 1963, astronaut John Glenn took his first bite of food in space and it was applesauce! He ate a tube of the sweet, mashed-up fruit with vegetables, which was not appetizing at the time. The astronaut reported that his meal was easy to digest. The astronaut ate two servings of applesauce per day for about six months.

Since then, food has come a long way. In the 1960s, astronauts ate canned fruit and sausages. They also ate beef jerky and cheese. Luckily, today, astronauts can eat a variety of foods, from mashed potatoes to shrimp cocktail. Even though astronauts can’t make their own food, they can still order beef paste and other processed foods.

The Apollo program learned a lot about astronaut nutrition from the experience. Its astronauts didn’t get fresh air or exercise on their space missions, but they still needed nutritious meals. That’s why NASA and its partners are researching and testing new foods for longer missions in space. One food that has been studied extensively is applesauce. Although this meal might seem bland and unappetizing, it is still one of the most nutritious foods eaten in space.

Pureed beef and vegetable mixture

The first food eaten by a human in space was a pureed beef and vegetable mixture that astronaut John Glenn ate on the International Space Station. The astronauts found the food to be fairly easy to digest in weightlessness, but they were disappointed in the taste. The next time they ate food in space, they’ll be prepared to eat something different.

While astronauts ate pureed beef and vegetables during their trips to space, they wished for some comfort foods to help them adapt. They preferred not to eat freeze-dried food and therefore turned to a more familiar food. Instead of using squeeze tubes, astronauts began to consume thermo-stabilized pouches, which kept food moist for longer and required no re-hydration before eating. This made it easier for astronauts to eat beef sandwiches for breakfast, chicken soup for lunch, and chocolate pudding for dessert.

While Yuri Gagarin was the first man to eat in space, Glenn was the first American to take food into space. He ate pureed beef and vegetables sucked from a tube into his mouth and swallowed them through a straw or port in his helmet. In addition to pureed beef and vegetable mixture, Glenn also tried crushed cornflakes and wheat cubes dissolved in water.

Shrimp cocktail

Scientists were initially worried about whether astronauts could eat their meals in zero gravity, but that fear was soon put to rest. Astronaut John Glenn ate shrimp cocktail during his first trip to space, and his trip proved that humans could eat in weightlessness. Eventually, humans were able to sustain themselves in space for longer periods. During the 1960s, astronauts would take Army survival rations for their trips to space, which consisted of pureed food in a tube.

Among the foods that astronauts ate in space, shrimp cocktail was among the most popular. Astronauts would often eat it for breakfast, since the environment in space changed their taste buds. Astronaut John Glenn himself had this dish on his menu nine times. In 1985, NASA created a special formula to make shelf-stable tortillas, which solved the problem of flying bread crumb and mold.