When choosing a good puppy food for your dog, look for ingredients that are high in fiber and wholesome whole grains. These are much better than corn and other sources of carbs. This product contains 40 percent protein, 14 percent fat and 38 percent carbs. It also contains flax-seed, a source of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. The fiber is beneficial for digestion, and omega oils may reduce the risk of joint disease and arthritis.

From Natural Balance

This grain-free formula has no added sugar, and it contains wholesome whole grains for high energy. Whole grains are far healthier for your dog than corn or other sources of carbohydrates. The product’s composition is primarily made up of protein and carbohydrates, with only 14 percent fat and 40 percent fiber. The food also includes flax-seed, which is an excellent source of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Fiber is essential for your pup’s digestive health, and the omega oils are great for reducing the risk of arthritis.

If you are concerned about the amount of ingredients in your puppy’s food, look for the “limited ingredient” formula from Natural Balance. This food is made with only the healthiest ingredients, and is endorsed by celebrities such as Dick Van Patten. The company’s goal is to maximize your dog’s health and avoid harmful ingredients. It is available in both dry and canned forms, and comes in a variety of healthy protein flavors.


Orijen is one of the leading brands of dog food for puppies. Its unique recipes are based on a variety of different ingredients, and the fresh meat, poultry, and fish they use in their formulas is a good source of amino acids and healthy skin. In addition, the food contains natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin, which support your puppy’s joint health. This food is best fed twice daily.

Orijen is a five-star pet food brand, which means it is high quality and has a high nutritional value. It also features a whole-prey approach to food production. This method involves combining meat with bones, organs, and cartilage in a food to mimic the diet of a wild dog. It also uses fresh meats that go from the farm to the kitchen in a matter of three days, which reduces the chances of missing out on essential ingredients.

Hills Science

While you may be tempted to buy a puppy food specifically formulated for labs, there are many brands that will provide your puppy with the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Labs grow quickly and their bones change quickly. This means that puppy food with high levels of protein and nutrients is ideal for large-breed puppies. This Hills Science formula contains the right balance of nutrients for a healthy and energetic dog.

A good diet for Labs starts with high-quality ingredients. Good quality dog food is a key to good health. It’s also important to understand that larger-breed dogs can store carbohydrates as glycogen and must be provided with a moderate amount of carbohydrates. Grain-free foods with complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes are also good options. Always look for a dog food that meets the AAFCO nutrient profile for your breed. Your veterinarian is the final authority when it comes to your Lab’s nutritional needs.


While there are many different brands of dog food available, Eukanuba is one of the most well-known. The company’s website says that the majority of their ingredients are sourced from Europe, New Zealand, and the United States, but does not specify which countries manufacture their products. The company’s website lists 43 different pet foods, including specialized formulas for weight control, puppies, senior dogs, and small dogs.

The first ingredient listed is real chicken, which provides the essential quality protein your dog needs for lean muscle growth. The Eukanuba food also features reduced fat content, which is perfect for controlling weight gain. The food also contains calcium and chicken by-product meal, which are vital for strong bones and joints. In small breeds, extra weight can lead to hip dysplasia, so this food is especially important.