what is the best food for a yorkie puppy

There are several different foods to choose from. One of the most popular is Orijen’s recipe for dog food, which contains deboned chicken and is grain-free. Another good option is The Farmer’s Dog recipe, which is grain-free and contains deboned chicken. Read this article to find out which food is best for your Yorkie puppy. We also list some of the best treats for your Yorkie.

Orijen’s recipe

Orijen’s Regional Red is grain, gluten, soy, and wheat free. This recipe contains amino acids and probiotics that promote optimum digestive health. The pate texture is also ideal for Yorkies and comes in a range of delicious flavors. It is grain, gluten, and soy free, but still offers high protein and fiber content. It is also free of artificial flavors or colors.

The Farmer’s Dog

For a healthy, well-nourished pup, the nutrition profile of The Farmer’s Dog is the best choice. This natural food is made in the USA with ingredients from local farms, and is not shelf-stable. The company sources its ingredients from trusted suppliers and purveyors. The company adheres to strict USDA guidelines and never uses processed ingredients, making it a good choice for your pup.

Orijen’s recipe contains deboned chicken

Orijen dog food was founded by German-born Reinhard Muhlenfeld and has been widely distributed in more than 70 countries. The company believes in feeding dogs biologically appropriate foods, such as organ meats and whole protein sources. Unlike most dog foods, Orijen doesn’t use by-product meals or chicken meal. Those by-product meals are highly processed and are not natural, nor are they made from chicken’s meat.

Orijen’s recipe is grain-free

Orijen makes grain-free dry dog food for puppies that is similar to their other recipes. The food is enriched with meat, organs, and poultry, thereby ensuring a complete diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Some ingredients are grain-free, such as xanthan gum, which may irritate some dogs’ sensitive stomachs and lead to diarrhea. However, the main ingredients of this food are meat and poultry, and eggs, which are ideal for a Yorkie puppy’s slow and steady growth.

Salmon is a good source of DHA

EPA and DHA are essential fatty acids for our dog’s health. The best sources of these acids are fish oil and whole fish, but we can also supplement with supplements and prescription foods. For dogs, this type of fat is especially beneficial because it prevents the growth of cancer cells and promotes weight loss. It also improves cognitive function and prevents joint pains and cachexia. In addition to these fatty acids, fish also contains a large amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids.

Grass-free food

A grain-free diet may not be necessary for your Yorkie. Genetically, Yorkies can digest carbohydrates better than other breeds. However, it’s best to consult your veterinarian if you suspect your pup is experiencing digestive distress. A Yorkie puppy’s calorie needs are about 55 calories per pound. An older dog’s calorie needs are closer to 35.

Orijen’s recipe is high in protein

If you are looking for a healthy, affordable food for your Yorkie puppy, look no further than Orijen. Its recipes are loaded with protein for small breed dogs and are free of poultry by-products. These ingredients are lean, digestible, and high in riboflavin and phosphorous. Orijen uses free-range turkey, which is low in fat, but high in omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. It’s not just the protein that counts: the wholesome, tasty ingredients in Orijen’s recipes are essential for healthy joints, skin, and coat.