what is sugas favorite food

So, you’re wondering, what is Suga’s favorite food? Well, in addition to ice cream, you should also try these! Jin loves chocolate, J-Hope likes ice cream with popping candy, V likes pear and Jimin likes apple with strawberry sauce. In addition, Suga shares Jongkook’s love of red bean and churros! She first tried churros in a theme park in Korea.


It’s no secret that Suga’s favorite food is churs. While she is fond of chocolate, the other cast members also love chocolate, pop corn, pear, and apple with strawberry sauce. She also shares Jongkook’s love for red bean. And Suga also enjoys churros, which she first tasted at a theme park in Korea. But she’s not a big fan of the deep-fried versions.

The recipe for churros is simple enough. One cup of flour and one cup of water are enough for one batch of churros. You can also use a pastry bag with an open star tip or a caulking gun. The main thing to keep in mind is that the flour has a high moisture content, so if you live in a humid area, you should dry out the flour first by placing it in a hot oven for 30 minutes. This will help reduce the amount of oil absorbed by the flour.


The South Korean dish Kalguksu originated during the Joseon dynasty. This hearty noodle dish is served with a soybean paste sauce and side dishes. It was originally named after the soup ingredients, which include clams, anchovies, and chicken. The Koreans have long enjoyed this dish, but it’s difficult to tell if it’s Suga’s favorite or not.

The BTS members like a variety of different types of foods and enjoy a number of Korean dishes. Jungkook is particularly fond of ramen, but Suga prefers kalguksu. Both dishes have a mild but flavorful taste and are best served warm. Jungkook can easily finish six cups of this dish. He is also known to love Korean knife noodles.


Suga, a member of the BTS boy group, recently revealed that his favorite food is Galbi, a South Korean dish that is usually made with beef or pork slices that are grilled and marinated. Galbi is a popular dish in South Korea and is often referred to as Korean barbecue. While it is usually prepared over charcoal, the main difference between galbi and beef barbecue is that the former has thicker slices of meat.

Galbi is a typical Korean main dish, and the meat is usually served with banchan and cooked rice. The meat is cut into uniform layers, and a marinade, either ganjang or gochujang, is applied to the meat. The sauce is very spicy, and it’s often made with rice wine. The spiciness of the sauce is due to the marinade.

Ice cream

Suga is an ice cream lover! He first tried it at a theme park in Korea. He loved it so much, he got an entire ice cream truck made just for him! However, he’s not the only BTS member who loves ice cream. Jungkook and Jin also like ice cream, as well as banana milk. This shows that these boys don’t hate sweets despite their ice cream obsession!

The members of BTS often talk about their favorite desserts, with each of them picking a different flavor. While RM and Jin like to have tiramisu and waffles, Suga is a sucker for ice cream! According to his fansite, his favorite flavor is chocolate! In addition to that, he loves vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream! He also likes to add toppings to his chocolate ice cream!

Namjoon’s preference for naengmyeon

The popularity of Korean knife noodles may have led to Namjoon’s preference for this dish. Namjoon is extremely picky when it comes to food, and Yoongi even joked that he can’t eat foreign food well. This may also be due to the fact that Namjoon is a leader of the meat team. Although this isn’t the case, Namjoon is still one of the most popular members in the group.

There are two types of Korean noodle dishes: hot noodle dishes and cold ones. While Namjoon prefers naengmyeon, Jin and RM prefer kalguksu. Both types of noodle dishes are made from beef broth and are served cold. Naengmyeon is typically very mild in flavor and has a mild flavor.