If you are unfamiliar with this food additive, it is the potassium salt

If you are unfamiliar with this food additive, it is the potassium salt of lactic acid. This compound is formed when acid and base react. Potassium lactate is used in food to adjust the acidity and is used as a preservative in meat products. Many countries, including the USA, Canada, and Europe, have approved this substance as a food additive. Read on for more information. It is used for a variety of purposes, from meat preservation to flavor enhancement.


The electroactivation technology can improve the safety of food products. This process converts weak organic acids like ascorbate into stronger antibacterial agents. The compounds found in potassium lactate are very effective against a wide variety of bacteria. Bacillus cereus is a pathogenic bacterium with many harmful effects on humans. It is one of the most prevalent bacteria responsible for foodborne diseases, such as emetic syndrome.

The chemical composition and structural properties of foods can affect the antimicrobial activity of PL-SD combinations. For example, high-fat foods, such as ice cream, contain less lactate. However, high-fat foods have less antimicrobial activity than low-fat products. The antimicrobial activity of potassium lactate is reduced in fat-rich foods, indicating that bacterial growth is inhibited in a high-fat environment.

Flavor enhancer

Recently, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) updated its regulations for meat and poultry products to allow for the use of sodium and potassium lactate as flavor enhancers in these products. These two ingredients are approved for use as flavor enhancers and inhibit growth of certain pathogens. These additives have been on the market for decades, and the new regulations will ensure that consumers can enjoy delicious meat and poultry products without worry.

Another important use for potassium lactate is in meat products, where it can increase the color and juiciness of meat. It can also decrease microbial growth and other adverse flavor attributes during storage. It can also replace sodium lactate, a common non-meat preservative. Although the two ingredients are similar in functionality, potassium lactate has fewer negative side effects and can be used in any type of food product.

Salt substitute

Various studies have shown that people in rural areas do not replace salt with salt substitutes, while urban populations do. The use of salt substitutes in rural areas increased after the government started subsidizing the price of potassium enriched salt. However, this study did not look at consumption in other parts of the world. The study was not conducted in China, a region where salt substitutes are widely available. It is important to note that the use of salt substitutes is likely to be higher in urban areas.

Potassium chloride is a mineral salt that can be used as a partial salt substitute in food manufacturing. It can reduce sodium in foods and is widely used in food preparation. The FDA has also considered alternative names for potassium chloride in an effort to help consumers reduce their sodium intake. Potassium salt, for example, conveys the ingredient’s saltiness and is widely available. However, the FDA has not made a decision on the use of potassium salt in food.


The Preservative potassium lactate is used to protect meat and poultry products against spoilage bacteria. It is allowed in processed meat and poultry and is used in a number of foods. In New Zealand, however, this preservative is only allowed in certain foods, such as game products. This modification comes into effect on the date that it is published in the List of Permitted Preservatives. This is important for consumers to understand because this preservative can be highly toxic to the body.

Using Potassium Lactate in food can help meats and poultry products retain moisture longer and reduce the pH of the product. It is also effective in foods that are low in sodium. Its antimicrobial properties also make it an excellent salt substitute and can improve the taste and texture of food products. Potassium lactate has a similar functionality to salt and is widely used in the poultry and meat industries to help improve shelf life.

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