Ever wondered what Pikachu likes to eat? The answer is red foods! Not only is this color appealing to Pikachu, but it also has great nutritional value! Learn what he craves for by reading this article! You might also be surprised to know that he doesn’t even enjoy most green vegetables! Red food is actually one of his favorite colors, which means he’s probably one of the healthiest Pokémon.


In the Pokemon games, Pikachu is the cutest monster in the game. He works hard for Ash Ketchum, and they face anything together. From legendary Pokemon to the Elite Four, Pikachu is the cutest monster ever! And what’s better than eating his favorite food? It also makes the game even more entertaining! Here are some facts about Pikachu. First of all, Pikachu only craves red foods!

The Hoothoot is based on a horned owl, and its crest resembles a clock. Because of its ability to tell time, the name is possibly a portmanteau of hoot and cuckoo. In anime, Ash also has a shiny Noctowl. Pikachu is the best trainer, but he’s also the worst pet!


In the Pokemon series, Mudbray is a type of Ground Pokemon that resembles a small donkey. Its coat is brown with cream-colored underbelly. It has circular markings on each cheek, a short teardrop-shaped blaze, long pointed ears, and horizontal pupils. Its tail is black with thick cream-colored mud around each black hoof. In the anime, Mudbray appeared in the episodes A Guardian For Pikachu!

This ground-type Pokemon was introduced in Generation VII. It evolved into Mudsdale when it reached level 30. This ground-type Pokemon is a popular choice for pets, thanks to its powerful running gait and ability to pull 50 times its own weight. It’s one of the few Pokemon that Ash and his friends can catch on the go. In the anime, Mudbray are sometimes seen roaming in Galar, a region where they were nearly extinct.

Watt a Risotto

Whether you’re playing the Pokemon Quest video game or just want to impress your friends, you’re likely keen to catch Pikachu at least once. Pikachu is the mascot of the franchise and the most popular Pokemon of all time, so it’s no wonder that Pokemon Quest players are eager to try various recipes to lure him. Among the many recipes, Watt a Risotto is the most common one, but there are also other dishes that can attract this adorable critter.

The ingredients that are needed for this recipe are common and not hard to find. You can even find some that are rare. If you find them, you can cook them in better pots to attract more rare Pokemon. Just be sure to check the recipe requirements before you begin cooking. Make sure to check the ingredients first, because rarer ones will draw more rare Pokemon. When cooking, use a variety of ingredients, as well as different amounts of each.

Yellow Curry

In Pokemon games, Yellow Curry is Pikachu’s favorite dish. It is made of rice and vegetables in the shape of Pikachu. As the protagonist of the franchise, Pikachu is one of the most unique Pokemon. He had the ability to change into any of the other 151 Pokemon, and his favorite food is a delicious Yellow Curry. If you’re looking for a unique way to satisfy your craving, you can drink Ditto’s Ombre Fruit Tea, an exotic tea with many different fruits.

Yellow Curry is Pikachu’s favorite dish, but there are other options. You can also try eating Watt a Risotto. This will have a better chance of attracting Pikachu compared to Mulligan Stew. While both Yellow Curry and Milligan Stew are acceptable dishes, their chances of catching Pikachu are very small. To increase your chances, you can also try making a special recipe for these dishes.

Milligan Stew

There are three recipes that attract Pikachu. Yellow Curry, Milligan Stew, and Watt a Risotto are the three best options. The ingredients used for each of these recipes must not be used in another recipe, except for the Tiny Mushroom, which will give you Red Stew instead of Mulligan Stew. These three ingredients will attract Pikachu to your food, but you have a slim chance of attracting him if you use these recipes.

Originally, this recipe is a community stew. Each member of the community contributes a different part of the stew. The dish has many variations, and is truly a catch-all. It was once a popular meal in hobo camps in the early 1900s. It’s a rich stew that’s very filling and can fill you up. But despite being called a Pokémon, Mulligan Stew isn’t only good, it’s also fun to eat!