If you’re planning a visit to Pattaya, you may be wondering what to eat. Moo ping, Mango sticky rice, Pla pao and Som tum are some of the most popular dishes. You can also explore other local foods, such as mango and pineapple ice cream. Here are some highlights of the Pattaya food scene:

Moo ping

Moo ping is a staple of street food in Pattaya, Thailand. It consists of grilled pork on a wood skewer, served with sticky rice. Moo Ping is delicious when eaten hot off the grill, so be sure to get it while it’s still hot. Prices for this local treat are low, usually four to 10 baht ($0.15 to $0.30).

Mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice has long been one of Thailand’s most popular desserts. But recently, a 19-year-old Thai rap star has become the latest celebrity to champion this sweet treat. The star’s appearance on stage, where she dipped her spoon into the rice, sparked internet search trends for mango sticky rice. And now, the Thai government is considering including the sweet dish on its UNESCO World List.

Pla pao

The local cuisine in Thailand consists of an assortment of seafood dishes, including fresh Pla Pao, which is grilled fish in spices. It is then wrapped in a rice noodle package and eaten with a spicy seafood sauce. Often, Pla Pao is served as street food, but you can also find it at seafood restaurants. It is also a popular dish on Thai menus. Here are some tips for enjoying Pla Pao in Pattaya.

Som tum

Som tum is a famous dish in Pattaya, Thailand. This dish is actually a local delicacy from northeastern Thailand. Its main ingredient is mixed water made from lemon juice, zest, fish sauce, and sugar. It is a spicy, sweet, and crispy dish. Many people choose to add dried shrimp and salt crab to their Som Tam to add even more flavour. To make it more palatable to foreigners, they can add peanuts to it.

Khao gaeng

If you are looking for some delicious street food in Pattaya, then you’ve come to the right place. Khao gaeng, or rice covered in curry, is an authentic Thai dish that is a perfect choice for lunch on the go. Khao gaeng consists of stir-fried rice covered with vegetables, meat, or both. Its flavor is very similar to Thai cuisine in general and it is perfect for a quick bite.


If you are looking for the perfect Thai breakfast, Jok is the food for you. This traditional Thai dish, also known as rice porridge, is a delicious option. Jok is traditionally served for breakfast and can be enjoyed on the street or taken out. In the morning, the streets of Pattaya are bustling with jok sellers. You will find jok sold at famous sit-down restaurants, as well as at roadside stands. Although this local dish is more popular in take-away restaurants, it is also the perfect food for the day when you feel like comforting yourself with something a little bit more warming.

Nasi goreng

Nasi goreng is a Southeast Asian fried rice dish that is often served with meat. It is the national dish of Indonesia and is popular throughout the Malay-speaking countries of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Nasi goreng is often made from leftover rice from a previous meal, rather than freshly cooked rice, as freshly cooked rice will not be as flavorful and tender when fried.