Luke Bryan recently revealed his favorite food. His answer: coconut cake. In addition to coconut, he likes the color blue. And it’s no secret that Dolly Parton’s favorite food is a gas station snack. The multi-millionaire is not shy about divulging her favorite food, either. Check out Luke’s list and find out what your favorite country singer enjoys!

Dolly Parton’s favorite gas station snack

Although the multi-millionaire is a master of all things country, the singer doesn’t shy away from fast food. In fact, she has shared her love for Taco Bell and biscuits with milk gravy on her website. When on the road, Dolly Parton opts for snacks from her favorite gas station. Luckily, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy the better-known cuisine, either.

As a child, Dolly Parton grew up on traditional Southern comfort foods. As one of twelve children living in a log cabin on the banks of Little Pigeon River, she remembers making a pot of Stone Soup with her siblings. She’ll never forget the fun she had scrubbing rocks and chatting with her siblings while a pot of veggies simmered on the stove.

Dolly Parton’s favorite chicken casserole

Dolly Parton’s favorite chicken casserole may be Luke Bryan’s favorite food, and she can’t help but share the story. The singer and songwriter has been known to enjoy cooking and baking as a way to de-stress after a long day on the road. During a recent interview with the Huffington Post, she shared with her fans that she cooks for her family as a way to express herself and re-energize.

Luke Bryan’s favorite snack

“We all know what sports are all about, but what do you really know about Luke Bryan?” – the singer-songwriter. In this interview, we find out the favorite snack of the multi-millionaire country music star. In addition, we learn that Luke Bryan grew up in the South and loves eating Southern food, including turnips and flat lace cornbread. As a father of three, Devin Burris also loves to cook, and his daughter enjoys inventing her own pizza toppings.

While Luke Bryan has two sons, Thomas “Bo” and Tatum “Tate” Bryan, he has adopted a niece named Tilden. His wife, Kelly Cheshire, is a single mother, and the couple cares for their nephew, Tilden. Luke Bryan is a popular country singer who has achieved crossover success with his hits. While his songs have chart-topping success, many fans find his love for his family touching.

The singer’s wife, Caroline Bryan, flew from California to attend the star’s Thursday show. Luke’s favorite snack is peanut butter, and Caroline Bryan commissioned a cake for her husband that would satisfy his sweet tooth. The cake was made out of chocolate chip cookie dough and homemade fondant. The cake even featured a Metamucil bottle! It was a huge hit, and Caroline Bryan even decorated it with little cake circles!