If you’ve ever wondered, “What is Happierre’s rank?” or “What is Nagatha’s favorite food?” you have come to the right place. We’ve answered all of these questions, as well as what foods Nagatha likes. You may also be curious to know what foods dismarelda likes, such as sour cream and apple slices. Read on to learn more.

What rank is Happierre?

Happyness is everywhere, and you’ll find this heartwarming Yo-kai in Downtown Springdale, where it lives in trees. Happierre can be freed by giving it a Green Coin. You can also find this Yo-kai in the trees of Wibble Wobble in Stage 38. Happierre is yellow with diminutive arms and a green mustache. It also has a daisy perched atop its head.

In the video game Yo-kai Watch, the yo-kai Happierre is ranked C. She is from the Omamori and Heartful tribes and evolves into Reversa when fused with Dismarelda. She is one of the three character types in the game. She has the same ability to cancel out the negative effects of Dismarelda. She speaks French and often uses French phrases.

Where can I find Happierre yokai?

The heartwarming Yo-kai, Happierre, is a great pick-me-up for angry people. He can be found on Graduate Street or Stage 38 in Wibble Wobble. His yellow body and diminutive arms are a great combination to brighten up any mood. His green eyes and wide mouth are characteristic of an affable Yo-kai, and he wears a green mustache and green hairstyle with a daisy on top.

In the game Yo-Kai Watch, Happierre is a Rank C yokai that is part of the Heartful and Omamori tribes. When fused with Dismarelda, Happierre evolves into Reversa. Despite the positive traits of this Yo-kai, you must find him in battle to unlock the Shogunyan. Happierre’s localized appearance in the game may be due to the Japanese verbal tics.

What is Nagatha favorite food?

Nagatha is a Yo-kai with a fair skin and dark grey teeth. She wears light pink lipstick and has slightly pointed ears. Nagatha is found under cars and in grass in downtown Springdale. She also sometimes can be found underneath vending machines. This is because she acts superior. She often nags people for infractions. You can free her by giving her a Purple Coin.

How do you get Leadoni?

As a part of the Shady tribe, Leadoni is a Rank E Ice-attribute Yo-kai. You can find Leadoni in the main section of the Abandoned Tunnel and in grass spots under the houses in Uptown Springdale. You can also find him in the overworld as an enemy in the Jumbo Slider area in the forest above Breezy Hills.

Getting Leadoni is easy if you know how to find them. Just follow a stray Leadoni through the town. He will ask you a question and then repeat the action. He may spawn chests containing random items or even a leveled Yokai. Just make sure to stay close to Leadoni to see what they have to offer. Otherwise, you will be unable to get any items from them.

What is Cupistol favorite food?

If you’re wondering what Cupistol likes to eat, try this answer. The Yo-kai Cupistol is mostly egg-shaped, with two arms and a swirl of pink hair on its head. It has wings on its legs and a pink “pistol,” a revolver. Whenever it feels like critics are getting in the way of his mission, he gets angry. He’s not satisfied until he has an audience of adoring ladies.