This article is about the new Food Network cooking show, Cajun Aces, starring young chefs Sam Carroll and Cody Carroll. The young chefs own two restaurants in Louisiana and run a family farm. They will be cooking dishes rooted in their Cajun background with simple, fresh ingredients. Hopefully you’ll tune in to watch their debut episode on August 25 at 12pm ET/PT. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the chefs.

Sam and Cody Carroll

The Food Network’s new series, “Cajun aces,” will be premiering Saturday, December 2, and will feature a husband-and-wife culinary duo from Louisiana. The show explores the cuisine of the Bayou State, as well as the family farm in Batchelor, Louisiana. Viewers can also look forward to fig pepper jelly and okra, as well as the creation of mirliton and fig pepper jelly.

The brothers are also the winners of the Louisiana Seafood and Marketing Board’s King of Louisiana Seafood Award. The pair did not seek out the TV show; the production company came to them. The pair filmed their life for a week using a handheld camera. Once the production company finished their work, they sent in a professional camera crew to film the episodes. The two were a hit on Food Network, and they were praised by viewers for their unique style and creativity.

Chef Justin Girouard

A culinary adventurer, Chef Justin Girouard recently returned to Lafayette, La. after spending nearly a decade in New Orleans. His restaurant The French Press is a cozy dining spot in Cajun country, where you can sample his delicious creations. The French Press specializes in Cajun food and uses fresh ingredients with bold flavors. Chef Justin Girouard puts a Cajun twist on classic dishes. For instance, the Cajun Benedict is a delicious breakfast sandwich, made with French bread instead of English muffins.

To make this dish, Girouard replaces the Canadian bacon with boudin. He also omits the hollandaise. His recipe was featured in the iPad version of Food Network magazine. After cooking the boudin, Girouard adds it to the pot. Let it cook until it is browned, then remove it from the heat and serve. Chef Girouard’s recipe is an easy, flavorful way to add boudin to your meals.

Chef Folse

If you’re a Louisiana foodie, you might be wondering, “What happened to the Cajun Aces?” The husband and wife culinary team rose to fame in December 2017 as the hosts of the popular show on Food Network. The show focused on farm-to-table Louisiana cuisine and showcased their unique cooking style. Since the show ended, the couple has worked to pursue new ventures. Samantha was recently appointed as the executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board to promote the consumption of seafood from the state of Louisiana. Cody is opening a second Hot Tails restaurant in Prairieville, Louisiana.

After season two, the show was canceled. According to reports, the series cost too much money and there were no more tv shows to give the winner. The series has since been renewed and is scheduled to air in 2020. This season was canceled, but there are still some new episodes available on Food Network. If you’re wondering why the show is canceled, check out the “Cajun Aces” section of their website.

Chef Folse’s restaurant in Baton Rouge

You’ve probably seen videos of Chef Folse’s restaurant in Batan Rouge on the food network, but did you know that he also owns a bakery, a dairy, a culinary school, and a 13-acre catering facility? Chef Folse has a rich history of local food in Louisiana, which he aims to preserve and promote through his restaurants and other ventures.

Several of his awards and honors include the Silver Spoon Award, the Chaine de Rotisseurs Academie Brillat-Savarin Medal, and the Louisiana Restaurateur of the Year award. In 2005, Folse was named President of the Research Chefs Association, and he was inducted into the College of Diplomates of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. He has also served on the Board of Trustees of the Sister Dulce Foundation.

Chef Folse’s cooking show

From a small trapper’s cabin in rural Louisiana, Chef John Folse learned how to make Louisiana’s famous crawfish bisque. Then, after serving a ten-year prison sentence for drug charges, he returned home to open a restaurant in New Orleans called Sac-Au-Lait. Located at 713-717 St. Louis Street, the restaurant opened its doors in 2007.

After a decade in the kitchen, Folse recently announced a business partnership with fellow New Orleans chef Rick Tramonto. Their new company, Folse Tramonto Restaurant Development, LLC, will open their first restaurant in May 2012. The restaurant, called “R’evolution,” will feature contemporary interpretations of classic New Orleans cuisine. The restaurant has a restaurant in New Orleans’ Royal Sonesta Hotel.

Guy Fieri’s audition tape

There are many reasons why someone might want to watch Guy Fieri’s audition tape for Cajun Aces on Food Network. First of all, it may be interesting to note that the chef did not initially want to appear on the show. Friends kept pestering him to make the audition, but he finally agreed. In addition, he sent his audition tape in a late date. As it turns out, the cast nearly didn’t watch it because the director had to dig through his purse to find a DVD player. Nevertheless, the casting director was blown away by the quality of the audition tape.

Before each game, Guy Fieri spins a budget wheel, and then a second wheel restricts the choices the chefs have. This game allows the chefs to limit the choices they have while buying ingredients. In this way, they have to stick to the budget. The final winner gets a $20,000 shopping spree! And if that’s not enough, the show is going to go on to feature other dishes that Guy Fieri likes, too.