If you're not sure what food to bring to a galentine's day party, the

If you’re not sure what food to bring to a galentine’s day party, there are plenty of ideas on the internet. You can order pizza, bring gluten-free chocolate-dipped pretzels, or even serve braised tri-tip. However, if you’re hosting a galentine’s day party, you should consider bringing a special menu, geared toward spicing up the evening.


If you’re looking for a romantic date idea, then pizza could be a good option. It can be heart-shaped or simply topped with cheese and truffles. A homemade pizza is a great choice for Valentine’s Day, and you can even make it with your significant other! Make sure to celebrate National Pizza Day tomorrow! After all, it’s the best day of the year to celebrate your relationship!

If you’re not the creative type, then heart-shaped pizzas are a great choice. Whether you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party for a large group or a small one, this dish is sure to impress. Alternatively, you can order a pizza and have it delivered to your home. This is a great idea, especially if you’re short on time, but want to impress your loved one.

Gluten-free chocolate dipped pretzels

For an easy and delicious Valentine’s Day treat, try making gluten-free chocolate covered pretzels. These treats are perfect to share with friends and family, and can even be gift-given to your significant other! Here are the steps to make them! You can use any shape pretzel and any kind of chocolate you want! And remember to wait for at least 15 minutes between each layer of chocolate.

First, melt the chocolate and candy. If you’re using chocolate, be sure the mixture is not too hot or it will become gloopy. You can use a double boiler to melt the candy if necessary. Otherwise, it will harden and become difficult to spread. Make sure the chocolate is melted completely before you dip the pretzels! And don’t forget to decorate the pretzels with sprinkles of your choice!

Steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce

Steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce makes a delicious dish for a galentine’s day brunch. Prepare the asparagus by steaming for about three to five minutes, depending on the thickness. While the asparagus is steaming, prepare the sauce. Whisk the ingredients together until smooth and creamy. Pour the sauce over the hot asparagus and garnish with fresh herbs. This dish makes a great gift for your galentine.

To make the hollandaise, blend egg yolks with the lemon juice and warm water until creamy. Slowly add melted butter and continue blending until it thickens and is slightly creamy. Serve the steamed asparagus with hollandaise and garnish with lemon zest. Alternatively, you can make a smoothie with soy milk, turmeric and cashews.

Braised tri-tip

If you are planning to bring a romantic dinner to your girlfriend’s house this Valentine’s Day, you may want to try a recipe for braised tri-tip. This tough cut of beef is cooked until it becomes a mouthwatering treat. It goes well with honey-roasted vegetables. Braised tri-tip is a great recipe to make as a surprise gift for your partner.

To make this dish, start by browning the tri-tip in a pot. Season it with salt and pepper. Then, place it in the crockpot. Cover and cook for about two hours. Serve the tri-tip with the accompanying sauce, if desired. Let the tri-tip rest, covered, for at least an hour. Then, cut it into slices and serve.

You can also try some other unique ideas for cooking the romantic meal for your partner. If your girlfriend loves to cook, you could try a special menu for this occasion. For instance, you can take the braised tri-tip to your galentine’s day party and surprise her with a delicious dinner. Besides cooking the tri-tip, you can also choose from the many desserts available on the menu.