What food item accompanies every Mexican meal? The list could go on, but here are a few of the favorites: tortillas, refried beans, chilaquiles, and Al pastor tacos. Is there a special ingredient you must order with these dishes? Or are you more into a simple fried corn tortilla? Whatever the case, Mexican food is the best.


A classic part of Mexican cuisine, tortillas are thin corn cakes. Made by soaking the kernels in lime and ground them on a stone metate, tortillas are almost ubiquitous on the table. Many Mexican homes make their own tortillas, and while tortilla factories dot the country, many people still make them from scratch at home. Although homemade tortillas are considered better than those made with a tortilla press, tortillas are a Mexican staple and an essential part of many recipes.

Refried beans

Refried beans are a staple side dish to any Mexican meal. They can be made ahead of time and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days. They can also be frozen, covered, for up to three months. Just thaw them in the refrigerator before serving. To reheat the beans, heat them gently over a low flame. To expand the flavor, add herbs, garlic, or spices.


When you think of a typical Mexican meal, chilaquiles are one of the first things that come to mind. Although they are traditionally eaten for breakfast, they are also delicious and versatile enough to be served for any meal of the day. Traditionally made with corn tortillas cut into quarters, chilaquiles are a delicious side dish and can be eaten any time of day. While it is perfectly acceptable to make the texmex version, you must remember that 126 million Mexicans will get offended.

Al pastor tacos

A bowl of al pastor tacos always accompanies a Mexican meal. Originally served in the Ottoman Empire, the meat in tacos al pastor was lamb meat wrapped in pita bread. Today, the tacos al pastor recipe uses a variety of different cuts of meat, including chicken, beef, and pork. In addition to their traditional flavor, the tacos al pastor are also known as shawarma and spinning top tacos.


Served with a variety of toppings, enchiladas have become a staple of Mexican food. These delicious and nutritious rolled tortillas can be prepared at home and can even be served as a breakfast item. In fact, enchiladas are so versatile that you can make a variety of variations and add your own favorite ingredients. Learn how to prepare the dish for a delicious breakfast experience.


If you’re going to have a Mexican dinner, elotes should be on the menu. They’re delicious and incredibly easy to prepare. You can char them on the grill or simply blanch them on the stovetop. You should lightly coat the corn in the sauce and sprinkle on a little extra chili powder if you like. Elotes are best served hot, but you can also serve them at room temperature.


Pozole is a traditional Mexican stew. The ingredients of the soup vary from state to state, but each type of pozole is nutrient-rich and delicious. It is made by pre-cooking the corn in lime, which removes all the toxins. The corn is then left to rest for an overnight, removing the first layer and the corn head. It is then ready to be served with pork, chicken, or any other meat.