This is a common question: what food does Prince Xiao Heilong, Ji Tianxing, and Prince Duanmu eat to maintain their blood sugar levels? The answer depends on your blood type, level of diabetes, and lifestyle. If you’re wondering, these men are all extremely busy people, and they likely don’t have the time to read the label on every single food. Luckily, these four people have all been in their predicaments, and this article will help you learn what they eat to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

Ji Tianxing’s blood sugar level 72

When Ji Tianxing had just recovered from his attack on the Black Shark King, his blood sugar level had already dropped to 72, which was an extremely low level. After the Black Shark King was defeated and his body was thrown into the prison, the artifact refining masters took notice of Ji Tianxing. Consequently, their eyes were flooded with blood. It is unknown what was so frightful about Ji Tianxing’s state of health.

The blood sugar level 72 was the plethora of questions in Ji Tianxing’s mind, and he was genuinely puzzled. However, the question on his mind was, what is the blood sugar level of a god at 72? After all, this figure represents the blood sugar level of a high-ranking god. However, the question remains, why did he allow the blood sugar level to reach 72?

Xiao Heilong’s blood sugar level 72

If you’ve ever wondered how Xiao Heilong managed to stay so young, you may be wondering what her secret was. The Chinese master had an unusually high blood sugar level. Compared to other Chinese masters, Xiao Heilong had a blood sugar level of 72! But why was this level so high? While a low level of blood sugar may not be deadly, it can put your health at risk.

Prince Duanmu’s blood sugar level 72

The level of blood sugar in Prince Duanmu’s body was very high, which was causing him to suffer from fatigue and headache. He had to work hard to replenish it. Fortunately, he was able to save his life. But he was also in need of a blood transfusion. So he had to get his blood sugar level checked, and it was 72. This was a dangerous condition.

A person with a blood sugar level of 72 should avoid eating too many carbohydrates. A daily carbohydrate intake of 30g is recommended. A blood sugar level above 72 is considered normal. Prince Duanmu’s blood sugar level 72 is a good number, but the higher your level of sugar is, the higher your insulin level will be. Fortunately, the insulin-like hormone insulin levels can be regulated through diet.

Mi Chen’s blood sugar level 72

As the great supreme of the Wutian Dharma Sect once said, “Power is the speed of a corpse!” This is the truth that is true of Mi Chen. His blood sugar level of 72 is extremely low, but he feels the phantom staring at him from a distance. Afterwards, he returns to his body and starts to recover. Afterwards, he will come back to his body in two days.

After Mi Chen finished his meal, he found his blood sugar level to be at 72. He was surrounded by existences, but he chose to ignore all the precautions that have been put in place for him. The result is that he is now back at normal levels. He is now in good health, but he still needs to take care of himself. He is now in a position where he can start eating again, and this time he will be even stronger.