what food does juliet make in encanto

In Disney’s 2021 animated feature film Encanto, one of the most important characters is Julieta Madrigal. As the eldest daughter of Alma and Pedro, she raises her three daughters, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel, along with her husband Agustin. A nurturing and caring caretaker, Julieta possesses the power to cook healing foods.


Arepas are a delicious treat from Colombia and Venezuela that can be purchased at a grocery store or online. The Latin American snack is often accompanied by a piece of cheese. These arepas are traditionally made from arepa flour, a blend of water and butter, and salt. In Encanto, Juliet prepares Arepas con queso (arepas with cheese).

In Encanto, Julieta is an important character, the eldest daughter of Alma and Pedro Madrigal. She has three children, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel. Alongside her husband, Agustin, she is the caretaker for their children. Despite having a powerful cooking power, she is also a loving caretaker. Arepas are one of her specialty recipes, and she makes a delicious version at her Encanto cafe.


When Juliet makes bunuelos in EnCanto, she uses her Spanish cooking skills and a combination of cassava flour and cheese to create a tasty treat. To make bunuelos, she also adds salt and sugar to the mixture. Her recipe also calls for milk and butter, which makes the bunuelos easy to mold. Here are some tips for making bunuelos.

For the first time in an animated feature, Juliet prepares bunuelos for the entire family. The Colombian family eats these cheese fritters as part of their daily routine. They also share them with the town’s needy residents. The bunuelos, served during the film’s breakfast scene, require special care. But they’re worth the effort! In the movie, Julieta gives the children a taste of Colombian culture by making these delicious, nutritious treats.

Bunuelos con queso

If you’re interested in learning how to make Colombian cuisine, look no further than the movie “Encanto.” Set in the Caribbean, the movie reveals many aspects of Columbian culture, from a colorful and vibrant landscape to the culinary history of its inhabitants. Bunuelos are fried balls of dough made from cassava flour and costeno cheese. While the dish is most often associated with southern Spain, it’s actually popular throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

To make bunuelos, you need to heat the oil to a temperature that’s not too hot. The oil should be hot enough to make the bunuelos pop open, but not too hot, or else they’ll absorb too much oil and burn. You can check the oil temperature with a candy thermometer. The correct oil temperature is 320 to 340 degrees Fahrenheit.

Arepas con queso

Arepas are a popular Colombian street food. This food is a staple in Colombia, where arepas are fried and eaten with cheese. You can buy them in Colombia, or online, or in South American sections of supermarkets. You can also find arepas made with harina de maiz refinada (cornmeal cooked with water). Make sure to ask your local market for arepas, which are a corn-based flatbread.

Arepas con queso is another food that Juliet makes in the movie. This food is made from corn flour dough and stuffed with cheese. It’s made just like the way Julieta makes them in Encanto. In Spanish, arepas con queso mean “arepas with cheese.”


Arepas are a staple of Colombia and Venezuela, where they are served with almost every meal. They are typically made by soaking dried corn and pounding it by hand. Today, masarepa is made industrially. Stores sell precooked, dried corn flour. This flour is made into arepas by combining it with a few ingredients. Though it’s commonly confused with masa harina, masarepa isn’t necessarily inferior to its more traditional counterpart.

To make an arepa, you need masarepa flour. This flour is available at specialty Latin food stores. You can also purchase masarepa flour from international markets. You can also use masa harina instead of arepa flour. In either case, the texture and flavor of the masarepa will differ. If you’re not a fan of masarepa flour, you can substitute it with rice or cornmeal.