Have you ever wondered what food do skunks like? These fascinating creatures eat a variety of insects, fruits, carrion, and frogs. In this article, we will discuss the most common types of food that skunks eat. If you’re wondering what to feed skunks in your home, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about some common skunk food items!

skunks eat insects

Farmers like skunks because they are effective pest controllers. Their long front claws are useful in digging up soil and catching insects. You’ll know skunks have been in your yard when grass starts peeling back. Here are some interesting facts about skunks and their diets. What’s their favorite food? Bees and insects, of course! Read on to learn more about these scavengers.


During the summer months, skunks usually feed on small animals, such as mice and birds, but during the winter, they often eat fruits and plants. They also go through garbage and trash containers looking for food. Even garbage can be a favorite meal of skunks! You might be wondering why they keep finding food in your garbage cans! Here are some clues.


There are several explanations for why skunks like carrion. First, these animals have a remarkable sense of smell. They are able to detect minute traces of decomposing material in air currents. Second, they feed on the remains of dead animals. In addition, skunks also consume the remains of other animals. Therefore, these animals are omnivores and decomposers.


Despite their nocturnal habits, skunks love to prey on frogs. During the spring and summer, these nocturnal creatures are abundant in many habitats, from swamps and wetland areas to city parks and backyards. Skunks, like frogs, may be seen in homes, gardens, and even in swimming pools. Although they can eat frogs, they are especially susceptible when they are in their eggs. Predators of frogs include birds, reptiles, big game fish, water bugs, and humans.

snake eggs

Unlike birds, snakes do not incubate their eggs, so it’s easy to distinguish between a cobra egg and a snake egg. Snakes do not need to evolve to lay hard shelled eggs, but their eggs do need a small hole for the baby snake to crawl out. You can try stimulating the egg to force the baby out. It will come out eventually. Snake eggs are also more nutritious than bird eggs, so they are a great source of protein and vitamin D.


Although they don’t have great vision, skunks do have excellent sense of smell. If you have a garden, skunks can be beneficial to your plants because they eat many damaging insects. Skunks especially like to eat Japanese beetle larvae. These creatures are also known to feed on cabbage worms, cutworms, hornworms, and yellow jackets.


Unlike most animals, skunks do not mind eating garbage. During their waking hours, they spend most of their time in search of food. As long as you leave open garbage bins, skunks are happy to jump in. However, you must take precautions to keep them away. Here are some tips: