So, what fast food has fried pickles? I have a few favorites, but you might not know that Sonic Drive-In has the tangiest fried pickles in the world! This tangy dish is a combination of dill pickles and buttermilk ranch sauce, and is served with a side of fries. Instead of the typical pickle chips, these are thin spears of pickle that are breaded lightly and fried to a crispy crust.

Sonic Drive-In

A new menu item coming to Sonic Drive-In is a twist on the classic fried pickle. The “Big Dill” cheeseburger at SONIC features fried pickle spears cut into fries, dill pickle infused ranch sauce, chopped lettuce, and American cheese. To complete the burger, pickle fries are a must. The new menu items can be found at Sonic locations nationwide, and they’re available for a limited time only through June 26.


Fried pickles are a staple of southern cuisine, and Zaxby’s has brought them back to the menu. The tasty side dish is made of thinly sliced dill pickles coated in cornmeal breading and deep-fried to golden perfection. Fried pickles are served with ranch sauce, a mixture of buttermilk, garlic, onion, and vinegar. Fried pickles are a Southern classic and will become a regular fixture on the menu.


The famous fast food burger chain serves fried pickles alongside its burgers. In addition to fried pickles, Wendy’s offers sides like baked potatoes, chili, and fried pickles. Fried pickles are a delicious addition to a burger and are sure to please the pickiest of eaters. This fast food chain is open around the clock. As a side order, you can choose between a small or a large burger.

Red Robin

You can replicate the fried pickles at Red Robin at home using cornmeal and a fish fry breading. This recipe is very easy and will give you the same taste and texture as the fried pickles served at the famous fast food chain. The fried pickles at Red Robin are a great appetizer for your next party and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether you’re looking for something healthy or just want to spice up your burgers, this recipe will help you achieve your goals.

Zaxby’s chicken sandwich

If you like your chicken fried and your pickles drooling, you might love the new addition to Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich. This sandwich boasts two hand-breaded chicken fillets, thick-sliced pickles, and a split-top potato bun. Besides the signature Zax sauce and fried pickles, this sandwich is also available with bacon.

Zaxby’s pickle nickles

Known for their fried pickles, Zaxby’s has made dill pickles an essential part of their menu. They are thin slices of dill pickles fried to golden perfection and served with Zaxby’s ranch sauce. The fried pickles are available while supplies last. The fast food chain also serves other items such as sandwiches and Shareables. Throughout the summer, guests are able to try the new seasonal flavors, including the famous chicken and fried pickle combos.

Sonic’s pickle juice slush

If you love eating fried pickles, you may be looking forward to a new treat coming to Sonic. The slush will be bright green and will combine pickle juice and the sweet slushie taste. The drink will be available as a stand-alone item or as an addition to any other Sonic menu item. While you’re at Sonic, be sure to ask for pickle juice on other items as well.