If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable brand of crave dog food, then read on. We’ll discuss ingredients, availability, and prices. In this article, we’ll also discuss the price and availability of Jiminy’s Cricket Crave, a top-rated food made by the manufacturer. Hopefully this article will answer your questions. And we’ll discuss how Crave compares with other brands.


What are the ingredients in Crave dog food? This food uses animal-based protein sources in most of its formulas. It contains chicken, lamb, beef, and fish, which most canines love. It does contain legumes, but some dogs have digestive problems with these. The inclusion of beet pulp and dehydrated alfalfa improves digestion and provides vital nutrients. While these ingredients may cause health problems in some dogs, they are not harmful to the rest of the canine population.

When buying Crave dog food, look for recipes that are grain-free. The food line has never been subjected to a recall. Make sure to check with the company that produces the food. Several companies, including Mars Petcare, have suffered from recalls in the past. One recall affected the Cesar wet dog food. While Crave’s recipes are grain-free, you shouldn’t discount the importance of choosing a grain-free food brand.


Crave makes both dry and wet dog foods. All of their recipes are grain-free, which is helpful if your dog has an allergy to grains. They also have a few canned formulas and some dry recipes. The wet food comes in the traditional pate form. Crave dog food is generally priced around $5 per cup, so it is worth shopping around before buying. But there are several ingredients to look for when choosing the right wet food for your dog.

The ingredients in Crave are sourced from around the world, and each of the recipes is packed with plenty of animal protein. The Crave formulas are free of corn, wheat, soy, and poultry by-product meals. They also do not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This makes them a healthy choice for active dogs. For the price, Crave formulas are definitely worth a look.


Crave is a new brand of grain-free pet food. The brand is part of the Mars Petcare family, which makes some of the leading brands in the pet food industry. Crave offers a variety of grain-free wet and dry foods, including a pate-based option. The company claims to have a low cost and high quality for your pet. However, the availability of Crave dog food varies by region and country.

Crave lamb and venison dry dog food is a grain-free choice for most dogs. It is free from wheat, soy, and artificial colorings, and contains plenty of essential vitamins and nutrients. This food is particularly good for sensitive stomachs and dogs with allergies. So, your dog can easily eat it, and it won’t experience any adverse reactions to it. It’s also a great choice for the pickiest eater.

Ingredients in Jiminy’s Cricket Crave

This vegetarian dry dog food is made with all-natural ingredients and is formulated with cricket protein powder. This protein source is safer than traditional animal proteins, and the ingredients in Jiminy’s Cricket Crave are plant-based and easy-to-digest. Available in four flavors and two different sizes, Jiminy’s Cricket Crave dog food is a delicious way to feed your pooch an environmentally conscious diet.

In addition to making delicious treats for dogs, crickets are also a sustainable way to raise your pooch. Jiminy’s crickets are farmed in barns, and they use 67% less land than chicken and beef do. Since land-based animal agriculture has enormous impacts on the world’s water and land use, cutting back on the amount of land used is crucial for fighting climate change.

Unlike some other dog food brands, Jiminy’s Cricket Crave is formulated with veterinarian-approved ingredients that are both good for dogs and for the environment. Jiminy’s Cricket Crave is made with quinoa, sweet potato, and cricket powder, and is a complete, natural dog food. AAFCO-accredited, veterinarian-formulated dry dog food, Cricket Crave is also hypoallergenic and prebiotic.