One solution to keep birds away from your dog’s food is to hang a bird feeder from an object, such as a fence. This will make it more difficult for birds to steal your dog’s food because they’ll have to fly up high to get to it. You can also purchase a motion-activated sprinkler to deter birds from stealing your dog’s food. However, you should avoid putting your dog’s food anywhere where birds can fly.


If you have an open dog bowl, you may be wondering how to keep birds away from the food. One effective method is to put up a fake owl in the area where the dog is likely to feed. The bird will soon learn to ignore it and stay away from it. Alternatively, you can move the fake owl to a new location, which will discourage birds from eating the food. It is important to use different methods, however, if you want to completely keep birds away.

Automatic feeders

You can buy automatic feeders that dispense food to your dog at pre-set intervals. These can be expensive but are a convenient way to avoid having to remember to feed your dog. Other alternatives include scarecrows and predatory bird sounds. These sound effects may keep birds away, but they can also attract smaller birds. A bird water dish is also a good idea. Automatic feeders can also play predatory bird recordings to discourage smaller birds from feeding your dog.

Motion-activated sprinklers

For a more natural way to keep wildlife from contaminating your dog food, install motion-activated sprinklers. These sprinklers are controlled by a code and are activated when a bird or other animal walks near the target area. The sprinkler will spray for a predetermined period of time. These sprinklers are simple to install, and they can save you time and money.

Garden netting

Birds are known to destroy dog food, and garden netting can keep them from getting their fill. It is lightweight and eco-friendly. It is too small for birds to fly through. You can protect nearly any type of foliage with netting. You can also use sonic devices to scare away birds. These devices emit a sound that is specific to the species that lives in your garden. This noise is unpleasant to birds, but not annoying to your pets. You can also use bird netting to keep birds away from your dog’s food and other things that are in your garden.

Predatory bird calls

You can get predatory bird calls at your local pet store or play them on CDs. These sound effects are enough to deter birds from pecking at your dog’s food and can also deter a squirrel from sneaking into the dog’s bowl. Birds are not only annoying, but they can also carry disease and parasites that can cause problems in your dog. Furthermore, they constantly leave droppings that can contaminate dog food and water.

Visual illusions

Using visual illusions to keep birds away from your dog’s food is one way to protect your pet from inadvertently feeding them. Bowerbirds use elaborately decorated structures to attract mates by creating an illusion that they are much larger than they are. The bird will correct the illusion if it is disturbed, but there are many other examples of animals using similar tricks. These animals also use close-up pictures to identify everyday objects.

Wind chimes

If you’ve ever tried to ward off birds by installing a bird netting, you’ll know how annoying they can be, especially if you put them too close to your house. However, you’ll find that after about a week, you’ll have fewer visits from the birds and they’ll go elsewhere. Besides, they’ll probably stop eating your dog food once they get used to the sound.

Plastic snakes

If you have trouble keeping birds away from your dog’s food bowl, there are a few ways to deter them. One way is to place fake animals near your dog’s food bowl. You can buy plastic snakes or scarecrows in toy stores or online. Remember, birds are very smart animals and they will be able to detect these fake objects. So, be prepared to move the dog’s bowl a few times until your pet becomes accustomed to the new bird guards.