When you're playing Monster Legends, you've probably wondered how

When you’re playing Monster Legends, you’ve probably wondered how you can get free food. Here’s a quick guide to farming gems and breeding monsters for free food. It’s easy to get stuck, though! If you’re unsure where to start, try following Pandalf’s advice. This seasoned Monster Master will lead you through the process step by step. It’s worth repeating these steps over again until you’re able to farm everything you need.

Farming Gems

In Monster Legends, you can farm gems to purchase monsters, upgrades, and cells. Gems can be purchased in the store with real money, but if you’re looking for free food, farming is your best bet. The game has a leveling system in place, and the more gems you collect, the faster your monster will level up. Besides, it’s fun to farm gems instead of spending real money!

First, you’ll need to create farms. These farms are necessary for leveling monsters, since monsters need a lot of food. You can purchase farms from the in-game shop, and you can even get them for free. You need to know which crops to grow, though. For example, level 55 players can have up to 14 farms, while level 0 players can only have one.

If you don’t want to spend real money on farming, you can use a cheat that unlocks the game’s hidden monsters. Another option is to use a hack that allows you to buy food with gems. Monster Legends cheats can unlock a variety of new monsters and level up them quicker than with normal gameplay. These cheats also let you cross-breed monsters to unlock new abilities. The best part is that they work on any platform! There are God Modes, Gold Hacks, Food Hacks, Unlimited Gem Adders, and more!

Breeding monsters

There are several ways to increase your farm speed in Monster Legends. Among these methods is breeding monsters. By breeding monsters that have a specific level cap, you can increase the chance of getting a legendary. However, the chances of getting a legendary from breeding are small. Nevertheless, they are a great way to increase your farm speed without having to spend real money. Breeding is one of the most efficient ways to increase farm speed and to receive free food and gems.

Besides breeding monsters, you can also hatch rare and exotick monsters, and grow food to feed them. You can also experiment with breeding by speeding up the hatching process or place hybrid monsters on your farm. In Monster Legends, you can also collect gold, gems, and other items from fallen meteorites. You can even harvest them to gain experience points. If you’re a big fan of farming, you can use them to craft other items or boost your farm’s gold production.

While in-game gold and gems play an important role in Monster Legends, there’s a better way to earn them. Players can use gems to speed up certain tasks and upgrades. In addition to gems, they can also purchase monsters and cells. If you want to get a lot of free food and gems, you should breed more monsters. It is possible to get some gold and gems by breeding a monster, but you should consider your leveling goals before attempting it.

Farming habitats

To farm for free food, you need to upgrade your Nature habitats to a higher level than you are currently. The higher the level, the more food you can produce. Higher level habitats can hold more gold and your monsters will generate more gold. Ensure that you spend your food fast or your monsters will steal the food you have collected. In Monster Legends farming, the gold you generate per level is directly proportional to the number of food you have stored.

In Monster Legends, you have to build farms to feed your monsters. These farms are purchased from the in-game shop. You can have a maximum of 14 farms, depending on your level. The higher your level is, the more food your monsters will produce. There are three types of food available – grain, fruit, and vegetable. The longer they grow, the more Food points they will produce.

Besides feeding monsters, you must also feed them in order to earn gold. Usually, beginners make the mistake of overfeeding the monsters, and this will end up wasting gold. It’s better to save them for PvE or PvP units. Moreover, if you want to collect more gold, you should buy some better monsters first. Those monsters can produce higher gold and experience points.