You can check on your eligibility status by looking up your client ID number. SNAP (Food Stamps) benefits are issued between the 5th and 23rd of the month. The application process can be complicated, so you can read our article to get the basics. We’ll cover topics like renewing your SNAP benefits, using eDRS, and getting to know OKDHS Live!

SNAP (Food Stamps) recipients will receive benefits between the 5th and the 23rd of each month

The USDA administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP, a federal program that helps low-income families buy food. The program helps these families by providing them with a supplemental food benefit card, which can be used at participating retail grocery stores. Food stamp benefits are based on a Thrifty Food Plan that provides a healthy, minimal-cost diet for each member of the household.

The program issues three hundred and fifty dollars in benefits per household every month. To qualify for SNAP benefits, you must have a household income of 130 percent of the federal poverty level, or less than one hundred percent of your monthly gross income. If you are retired or disabled, you are not subject to this test. The TFP is the same across the contiguous United States.

Adding household members to SNAP renewals

The process for adding household members to SNAP renewals can be tricky, but states can make this process much easier by coordinating certification periods. By synchronizing certification periods, states can send one SNAP renewal form to all eligible members of a household. By integrating the two programs, states can ensure that households receive only one notice with coherent instructions. As a result, more participants will be able to benefit from these benefits.

Assume that Selina, a single mom, starts a second part-time job in November, earning $200 per week. Her gross income for the month is below the threshold, and she does not need to report this second job until her Interim Report in April. However, if she begins working more shifts in April, she will need to report this new job to the DTA. On the other hand, if Selina’s income increases in May, she will need to report the new job to the DTA by June 10th.

Adding household members to eDRS search results

Adding household members to eDRS is a quick way to add them to a client’s record. Household members are added to the system sequentially as new client records are created. The Household Members section is located on the right sidebar. Click Manage to edit the household members. Once you’ve added a household member, the client can be found in the search results by using the client’s name.

CARES allows you to navigate to individual eDRS screens for all household members. Adding household members to eDRS will not call eDRS for customers with the financial responsibility code of non-member or without a social security number. When a client is removed from a group, they will be removed from eDRS for the relevant period of time. This date cannot be earlier than the Joined Household date. To re-address the household member, select a new Head of Household.

Adding household members to OKDHS Live!

To add a household member to OKDHS Live!, click the “Add household member” button. The screen that appears will show all the members of the household on the left. The status of each household member depends on the client’s renewal date. If the client added a new member, their record will be added at the bottom of the screen. Click “Add new household member” and follow the prompts to add the new member.

To add a new household member to FACS, open a record in OKDHS Live! Click “Add new household member” and then select the appropriate household member. You can update their information at any time by checking the box on the right side. You can also update their information manually. This information will appear under the FACS tab. After adding a household member, click “Update” to update their records.