Collecting food in Dragon City is vital to leveling up your character. This type of item is also used to boost your rank, and it will give you more experience. Food for dragons is created in farms. Increasing the size of your dragon farm will increase the number of plants you can grow. In addition to plants, you can also add more food to your dragons. Below are some tips to help you collect more food in Dragon City.

Feeding dragons

The main purpose of feeding your dragons in Dragon City is to level them up. The more food you provide, the higher the level. You need to feed your dragon at least four times to level up. In order to feed your dragon, click on the habitat and then click the feed button. Your dragon will then level up. Usually, feeding your dragon five times will allow you to reach the next level. In the later stages of the game, you can feed your dragon seven times a day to increase their level.

Food is the most basic and easiest way to level up in Dragon City. You can buy equipment and food for your dragons using the gold you earn. Gold can be used to attack other towns, farm food and train your dragons. It will cost you some gold to raise a dragon, but you can easily earn it back with it. You can also feed your dragons by planting food plants on your farm. The food plants are easy to grow and cost about 50 gold each. Each meal contains 10 food and 25 XP. Moreover, you can feed up to eight dragons simultaneously.

Keeping rare and above dragons

If you are interested in collecting food for your reptiles, one of the best options is to keep rare and above dragons as pets. These creatures are quite unique and require a specialized arboreal enclosure and might be difficult to feed. They are not common to the pet trade, and if you are interested in learning more about these animals, you can look up a care guide online. Here are a few things you should know about acquiring and keeping rare and above dragons.

The first thing you should know is that the highest gold production is achieved when you breed rare and above dragons. While breeding dragons is not an easy process, it will ensure that you have an assortment of dragons that you can feed. Rare dragons are also easier to breed and will give you a distinct advantage in game modes such as dungeons. However, breeding a dragon is a time-consuming process and can be frustrating.

Using Terra + Terra

If you want to have multiple items, using Terra + terra is your best bet. Using this method may take several attempts, but it is the fastest way to breed multiple dragons. Once you hatch your dragon, you can sell the eggs and use the money to buy other long eggs to speed up the breeding process. You can even upgrade your hatchery later if you want to sell the dragon eggs early.

Once you’ve collected the minimum amount of blue flowers, you’ll be able to breed your dragon. You can also hatch the purple flowers for extra coins, but you will need at least five dragon eggs to get one. The best dragon to breed from blue flowers is a metal dragon, but you’ll need more than one to get the best level in the game. It will cost more, but it’s worth it when you get your first blue flower.

Building more habitats

You will find that there are lots of things to buy in Dragon City. It is important to get enough food to level up your dragon. The primary way to get food is by farming, since higher level dragons require more food than lower level dragons. However, you can also get food from the market and from gifts, although the latter offer small boosts and are not recommended if you are looking to level up your dragon quickly.

The first step to collecting food is to build more habitats. As you collect more food, you will get more gold. Build more habitats until you reach the maximum number of food that you can collect. You can duplicate the habitat elements, so don’t be afraid of using more than one of them. You can always use more space when breeding higher-level dragons. This is the fastest and easiest way to collect food.

Selling dragons or eggs

If you want to earn gold in Dragon City, you can sell your dragons or eggs. The first step is to select the habitat option. Once you do this, a list of available dragons will appear. Select a dragon to sell. If you have a few dragons, it is best to sell them one by one. Once you have finished selling them, you will receive more gold. You can also keep copies of your dragons or eggs.

If you want to get extra gold and food, you can sell dragons or eggs in the dragon market. However, you will need a lot of friends to sell your dragons in the market. You will have to wait 12 hours to receive your money. You can also sell your eggs or dragons to your neighbour. In order to sell them, you need to visit their habitat. If you are a breeder, you can sell your dragon eggs or dragons that are below level 10.