Your dog’s nutrition is one of the most important aspects of the daily diet. Here are some tips for providing healthy food. Border Collies should be fed carbohydrate-rich foods, which can be found in whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. A good example is carrots. Aside from carrots, your dog should also be fed with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. They should get at least two cups of raw food per day.

Caloric intake

Your dog needs a good source of protein to grow and thrive, which comes from meats and poultry. Fish and seafood are also a good source of protein. You can give offal to your dog too, including liver, heart, and kidney. Fish should be previously frozen to avoid spoiling it. Fleshy bones should be provided once or twice a week. The right amount of fat for your dog will depend on its breed.

To increase a Colllie’s calorie intake, increase his daily food ration. If your Collie is still too thin, give him a larger amount of food or try giving him some canned food. Increase his daily ration gradually and carefully measure out the food. If your Collie is very active, give it a large meal at least one hour before strenuous exercise. During this time, increase the daily ration by twenty percent.


If you’re wondering how much protein a Border Collie should eat, consider its breed. This breed is primarily used for herding sheep and rounding up wayward farm animals. As such, it requires a higher-protein diet than other breeds. For optimum health and performance, consider offering a higher-quality, more protein-rich dog food. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right diet for your dog.

To begin with, the dog should be fed the amount recommended on the package. During the first few weeks of your dog’s life, it’s important to watch his body condition. If he’s underweight, he might be disqualified from shows with the American Kennel Club. In addition, underweight dogs may develop health problems as a result of a lack of proper nutrition. Depending on the activity level, an adult Border Collie may need anywhere from 989 to 1,272 calories per day. For those that participate in shows, this amount may increase by as much as 20%.


When it comes to dog food, the best choice is a high-quality dry food based on protein. Border collies should eat approximately 25-31% protein. A dry food should also have about 18-20% fat, depending on the breed. While border collies don’t need a large amount of fat, those that are overweight or elderly should limit their diets to less than five percent fat. Dry food made from easily digestible protein is the best choice, and any meat offal is not. Sweet potatoes are another good source of carbohydrates. Avoid corn, wheat and soy products.

If your pet is prone to putting on weight, dry food with high-quality protein is important. Fish, meat and poultry are all excellent sources of protein. Fish meat, offal, and cartilage are also acceptable for your Border Collie’s diet. Whenever possible, give your dog the fleshy bones of a chicken or turkey once or twice a week. It’s important to keep fresh drinking water nearby when giving dry food to your dog.


There are many different types of dog treats available. Many are designed by veterinarians, so they provide your dog with an all-natural source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Other varieties are designed for specific breeds, ages, or sizes of dogs. While many dog treats are healthy, not all are. To find the best treats for your dog, read the ingredients label to make sure you’re getting a good quality product.

The IQ Treat Ball by Ourpets is a fun interactive toy that dispenses treats to your dog when it chases it. It can be filled with soft treats or hard kibble, and it makes a noise when it rolls around. If you’re too busy to supervise, this toy is perfect for your border collie. It is sure to keep your dog occupied for hours.

Getting a Border Collie puppy

Getting a border collie puppy is not as difficult as some people think. This breed is friendly and loyal, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a loyal pet. They are great family pets and make wonderful companions. These puppies are generally easy to train and will respond well to positive reinforcement methods. There are certain things you should know before you get a puppy. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of border collies.

Research the breeder before buying your puppy. There are numerous Border Collie breeders in the US. Be sure to check the background of the breeder and the puppy. Look for a knowledgeable breeder. Ask about the health history of both parents. Do they have any documents or health tests that will prove their claim? Ask to meet the parents. If they are well-trained, they will be friendly and will fit into your lifestyle perfectly.