what is hinatas favorite food

When it comes to her favorite foods, Hinata likes disk-like crabs and shrimp. She would also like to fight Neji again, as well as her father Hiashi Hyuga. As far as animals go, she loves a condor. Naruto loves this bird as well, and it is his favorite. It is one of the few gifts she’s received from her father. In addition, she’d like to learn more about it and become a condor.

Tonkotsu soup

Japanese people have a special fondness for tonkotsu soup. The thick broth contains tender pork, and its flavor is similar to a rich, creamy custard. It is a comfort food, bursting with flavor. This type of soup is served with a variety of toppings, including a spicy mustard and julienned carrot. The ramen can also come with chashu pork or thinly sliced green onions.

Another one of Hinata’s favorite foods is ramen, or miso-based noodle noodles. Often topped with additional chasu, ramen is a Japanese staple that can be found in many different styles. Ramen broths come in three types of broth: salt-based, soy sauce-based, or tonkotsu. The pork-based broths are rich and flavorful, and are a great way to fill up on protein and minerals.


One of Naruto’s favorite foods is ramen. The dish is a combination of noodles, broth, and various toppings. The miso-based soup is usually served with chasu on top. Ramen broth comes in three different variations: tonkotsu, shoyu, and miso-based soup. Depending on the type, it can be served with beef, pork, or seafood.

In the anime series, the two main characters, Ryo Kurokiba and Megumi Tadokoro, prepare a bowl of ramen. In the battle between the two, the soups are made with equal devotion and the umami levels are even. While the winner has to acknowledge the other’s culinary abilities, the fans will enjoy watching the two chefs battle it out.

One of the most popular ramen joints in Naruto is Ichiraku. It is located in a fictitious village in Japan. It has appeared in the manga throughout the series and is featured on the cover of volume 16. The name comes from a real noodle shop, which inspired the fictional one. As a result, ramen is an important part of Naruto’s character development.


Although ninja aren’t allowed to eat pork, Hinata enjoys the taste of the dish. Her favorite food is Zenzai, a pork delicacy. Hinata changes her outfit in both the manga and the anime. She now wears a cream-colored kimono-style blouse with a purple obi tied around her waist, as well as dark navy shorts. She no longer wears a forehead protector, but still wears purple open-toed boots.

Hinata is assigned to the Second Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces, which she was nervous about. But Karui assures her that there’s nothing to fear and that the war is a natural thing. This incident is also responsible for her early relationship with her cousin, whom she calls Neji-Niisan. Her cousin, who was a ninja, had a little sister named Hanabi, and they battled the White Zetsu Army together.

Cinnamon rolls

There are many different types of cinnamon rolls. They can also be known as cinnamon buns, Danish, or snails. Cinnamon rolls are primarily served in the Northern part of Europe and North America, where they are known as kanelbulle. In Finland, they are known as korvapuusti. In Norway and Estonia, they are known as kaneelirull.

Despite being the most famous character in the series, Hinata also enjoys cooking. She learned how to cook from her mother, who died when she was a young girl. She’s been known to prepare meals for others and even bakes special treats for holidays and other occasions. For example, she once made a lunch box for her cousin Sasuke while he was mourning, but she quickly left before he refused to take it. In Live Spectacle Naruto, she became the sixth most popular character. Other dishes that she enjoys are cinnamon rolls and zenzai, which are sweet soups made from red beans.