If you’re interested in food trucks, you should check out What the Fries. Their unique vibe is infectious, and you can enjoy their art and music while you eat. This food truck is perfect for any event, from concerts to street parties. Listed below are some tips to get your business off the ground. Also, read on for more information on cost. Getting started on a food truck doesn’t have to cost much.


The What the Fries food truck is a mobile restaurant that serves hand-cut and loaded fries. The truck’s menu includes everything from cheesy fries to truffle fries to lobster mac and cheese fries. It will be closed for the time being, but the truck will reopen in early 2019. The menu is a testament to the success of the food truck concept. While the restaurant industry has suffered from a recession, the What the Fries team is not one to let the economy get them down.

The menu changes regularly, but the main focus is quality ingredients and freshness. The fries are hand-cut and crispy on the outside, yet soft and warm on the inside. There are also specialty fries available, including lobster mac and cheese fries, and a chicken sandwich with bacon, onion rings, and bleu cheese dressing. All of the menu items are accompanied by butter brioche buns and white American cheese. The food truck also offers a full selection of sides, including a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and a grilled cheese sandwich.


What The Fries has been one of Charlotte’s most popular food trucks for years and they’ve announced that they’ll open a brick-and-mortar location soon. The new restaurant will have 3,420 square feet of space and seat about 100 people at capacity. Since its March opening, What The Fries has been seeing steady growth and has drawn long lines every time they set up shop. With the new location, the owners will be able to meet more customers and provide a more permanent setting.

The What The Fries truck has been serving up their popular loaded fries and burgers for the last two months, and customers have been lining up for them around the block. The owners are currently looking for funding and hope to have their first brick-and-mortar location in the next few months. The food truck began operating at the Star Gas Station, right next to the Sakari Sushi Lounge. It is expected to open its doors in late September or early October.

Cost of opening a brick-and-mortar location

What the Fries LLC is a popular food truck in Charlotte, North Carolina, that recently announced plans to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant early next year. The restaurant will be 3,420 square feet and seat 100 people at full capacity. Sales have increased 30% year-over-year since the food truck first opened in March. While many food trucks are struggling to stay in business, What the Fries has been bucking national trends.

While opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant costs more than opening a food truck, a brick-and-mortar location will offer advantages over a food truck, including more parking spots, larger spaces, consistent hours, and climate-controlled environments. The food truck will only be open during the spring and summer, so owners should consider opening a brick-and-mortar location during the off-season, when customers are not as busy.

Cost of operating a food truck

There are many costs associated with starting a food truck. Business insurance, food service permits and code inspections are just a few of the expenses. You will also have to purchase equipment and supplies for cooking and serving the food, as well as disposable products for your customers. You should also consider the costs of local permits, which are issued by cities. Some may change over time. To avoid the high upfront costs, do your research and prepare to pay for any changes.

The cost of opening a food truck can be fairly low, but it varies based on location. If you are opening a small location, the cost of opening a larger truck may be less. In addition, you should factor in additional expenses, such as paying yourself a wage. For example, if you plan to hire several employees, your first month’s expenses will be higher than if you’re operating a larger business.