Fromm doesn't specifically call itself an allergy diet, but the novel

Fromm doesn’t specifically call itself an allergy diet, but the novel proteins in its diet are known to help dogs with chicken or beef intolerance. The brand also offers grain-free diets that are beneficial for dogs with food allergies, as they eliminate common allergens that can aggravate inflammation. There are also a variety of senior formulas available, such as Mature Adult, which is formulated for older dogs with fewer energy requirements and is useful for weight management.


There are some pros and cons to Orijen dog food, but most owners are happy with the overall quality of the product. Most reviewers love the rich flavor and fishy smell, and it was made in Kentucky. While there are some complaints about the food, they are few and far between, and most people laud the quality, taste, and value. Even those who are critical of the product praise the health benefits of the brand.

While Fromm does not specifically call itself an allergy diet, it does use meat from 85% fresh ingredients and includes salmon oil for a shiny, soft coat. Another benefit of Fromm is that it’s affordable, with more nutrients per bite. This can lead to better overall health. Unlike many other dog foods, Orijen comes in several flavors and sizes. If you’re looking for something cheaper but still nutritious, consider Orijen.

Natural Balance

There are several differences between Fromm and Natural Balance dog food. Natural Balance dog food is a premium brand, with added antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Both brands use animal proteins, and they contain a higher percentage of chicken. Chicken meal is the most popular type of meat in the company’s recipes, and it contains approximately 20% crude protein. Natural Balance dog food is not a high-fat food, and its protein content is about the same as that of natural food products. However, this food has a higher amount of poultry than other brands, including Blue Wilderness.

Another significant difference between Fromm and Natural Balance dog food is their origin. Both are family-owned companies, and Fromm hasn’t sourced any of its ingredients from China. As a result, they don’t have as much pressure to squeeze every last penny from customers. Instead, they can invest their profits in improving their products. Additionally, unlike big conglomerates, they don’t need to slash their prices to save money.

Earthborn Holistic

In the dog food market, the main differences between Fromm and Earthborn Holistic lie in the quality of ingredients and price. Earthborn is a higher priced brand, but its Four Star Trout & Whitefish recipe is similar to that of Fromm. In addition, the company uses a higher percentage of omega fatty acids and similar added nutrients. Despite its higher price, Earthborn is considered superior in some areas and inferior in others.

Many holistic dog foods contain ingredients that support the overall health of your dog. They contain high levels of fatty acids that promote skin health and are easily digestible. In addition, some products include fish oil and vitamin E, two key nutrients for skin and coat health. And all of these ingredients are easily digested. Some dog food brands have a seven-day food switch plan, so you can try out different foods without having to commit to a specific brand.

Blue Buffalo

In comparing Fromm and Blue Buffalo dog foods, we looked at ingredients and recalls to determine whether they were comparable. Fromm’s food has been recalled two times and Blue Buffalo has had nine. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best quality dog food, you should buy the former. Listed below are the advantages of both brands and how they compare. Choosing the right food depends on your dog’s dietary needs and budget.

Blue Buffalo is a well-known brand of dog food, founded in 2003 by a family who had an Airedale terrier and wanted to create a more natural, holistic food for their pets. Its kibble is made from all-natural ingredients, and it caters to various life stages and needs. Since its inception, Blue Buffalo has experienced rapid growth. It is also a popular choice for large breed puppies.