Where is the Durr Burger Food Truck? The Durr Burger Food Truck is an Unnamed Location in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Previously a Landmark in Chapter 2, it has been reduced to a small location you can visit. It can be found near the northern edge of the Logjam Lumberyard. Despite its small size, this is the only named location from Chapter 2 to return in Chapter 3.


The Durr Burger food truck is a food vendor that serves hamburgers. If you’ve ever wanted a burger and wanted to explore the area, you can visit the Durr Burger food truck in the Pleasant Park neighborhood. This food truck is located in the location where a sawmill used to stand. It’s close to Pleasant Park and Sandy Cliffs, and is easily accessible from the Sneaky Fiefdom and Pleasant Park areas.

The Durrr Burger food truck is located in a converted sawmill. You can talk to the meat boss in the burger’s face to get bounties and swag. You can also find the Durr Burger food truck in the north of the map. If you’re a fan of the Durr Burger food truck in Fortnite, you can easily find it. There are plenty of places to find it in the map below.


If you’ve been unable to find the Durr Burger food truck, it’s time for some quests. These quests are easy to find and will give you the golden glow you’ve been looking for. The food truck can be found east of Stealthy Stronghold and west of Weeping Woods. Moreover, the Dummy can be found near big rocks outside the walls of the stronghold. You need to find Dummy before you can talk to him and get the required items. You can also talk to the Beef Boss and Remedy after completing the quest.

For more challenging quests, you can do limited-time tasks, such as setting fire to a structure or collecting buckets of maple syrup in Weeping Woods. This will earn you a significant amount of XP, which is the game’s currency. If you like these quests, you can even complete them with your friends! Just make sure to check out the tips and tricks below!

XP rewards

The Durr burger food truck is a landmark in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Players can complete quests to unlock its unique menu items and XP rewards. Players can complete quests to dance inside its kitchen or drive to the nearby Pizza Pit. However, this location is quite far away from other locations in the game, so players will have to traverse through Boney Burbs or Colossal Crops in order to complete these quests.

Landing at the Durr burger food truck is a great way to get 10,000 XP, as it will help you level up. This food truck was featured in battle royale in both 2017 and 2018. Many players have been busy completing challenges to unlock the Mandalorian armor set, which has been added in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Getting the Grogu back bling is another way to earn XP and level up your character.

Character Beef Boss

You can find the character Beef Boss at Durr Burger food trucks, east of Stealthy Stronghold. He is located near Pleasant Park and Stealthy Stronghold. You can also find him on the wooden veranda outside Stealthy Stronghold. Beef Boss is a great character to have around, as you can hire him to protect your party and complete quests.

The Beef Boss skin is similar to the Tomatohead skin, which represents a pizza place in Tomato Town. However, this skin can be obtained only with V-Bucks at the Item Shop. This skin appears every 53 days, and is likely to reappear around January 25, 2022. To get this skin, head to the Durr Burger Food Truck and talk to Beef Boss, the Dummy, and the Remedy. They are all nearby. If you do this, you can spawn Beef Boss in Team Rumble.

The Beef Boss is an NPC located at Durr Burger Food Truck. You can meet him near the wooden veranda outside of Stealthy Stronghold. After getting some XP, you can then go ahead and kill Beef Boss, as well as other NPCs. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try catching the Beef Boss and Dummy.