You may be wondering what to feed your pet in Black Desert Online (BDO), what NPC sells the best feed, and what to look for in the ingredients. The good news is that chicken meat is an excellent substitute for most commercially available foods in the game. Read on to learn more about this popular food source in BDO. This article will also show you how to make the best pet food with chicken meat, and where to find it in the game.

What do you feed pets BDO?

What do you feed pets in BDO? In the game, players can feed pets from various sources. One option is organic feed, which requires an oven and a cooking utensil. This type of feed contains oatmeal and fresh or dried fish. Feeding pets with organic food will give them added buffs and pick up loot. They will also gain Tiers from the Pet Exchange when fed with organic food. Pet food can help your pets gain levels quicker and decrease their Hunger level faster.

What NPC sells pet food BDO?

In Black Desert Online, you need to buy food for your pets from NPCs. You can buy pet food from Doofus (located in the Henesys Market), which sells it for thirty mesos. You can also purchase food from NPCs in Mu Lung, Leafre, and Ludibrium. Your pet will indicate the need for food by its stance and facial expressions.

Where can I get feed BDO?

In BDO, players can feed various pets. Pet food is very important to maintain their health and happiness. It should contain protein and nutrients. Using organic feed will make your pet happy and healthy. You can make your own pet food by gathering grains and pressing L. You can also make your own organic food if you have a farm or farmland. To make it easier to feed your pets, you can cook their food in a pot.

To make good feed in BDO, you need to collect materials and place them in your cooking toolboxes in the proper ratio. Once you’ve done that, press start and wait for the ingredients to cook. Repeat this process until you run out of ingredients. At the artisan level, each batch should produce four good feeds on average. However, you can increase the time of cooking with the help of some special recipes.

Can you use chicken meat to make good feed BDO?

In Black Desert Online, players can make Good Feed from chicken meat by gathering the ingredients and preparing them in the proper ratio. They can also make Good Feed using cheap feed purchased in stables. A good feed should provide average four good feeds when the player’s cooking level is at artisan level one. If you do not have a stable, you can purchase the ingredients from a hawker.

How do you make organic food?

The black desert has many places where you can farm food, including a secluded area called Pearl Abyss. There are several places you can farm organic pet food. If you’re wondering where to get these materials, you should first visit BDOD (Black Desert Online Database) where you can learn about all of the available items and recipes. Organic pet food is one of the most popular foods in the Black Desert, but you’ll need to collect several different products to make it.

How do you get Tier 5 pets?

Getting Tier 5 pets in Black Desert is possible if you’ve reached a certain level. In addition to being able to level up them, pets can also be bred and their tiers will increase with time. This process will cost a lot of gold, but it’s well worth it in the long run. There are also a number of perks for getting Tier 5 pets, like increased health and armor.

First, you must train your Tier 4 pets to Tier 5. To do this, you must have them all be Level 10 or higher. Once you’ve reached this level, you can buy a Royal Plume and grow your pets. These reagents are sold at Old Moon shops for 60 million Silver each. After you have them, you can then train them. You can use them to level up other pets to tier 5 and spawn them in the same location.

In addition to the relics you can use to train your pets, you can also purchase Abyssal relics. These relics have more stats, and the enchantment success rate is higher. Restoration scrolls will also allow you to restore Mystical relics. Another major change is the amount of EXP you gain from killing monsters and Daily Quest rewards. Additionally, the drop rate and sale price of loot has increased.

How do you get pet food in Black Desert Mobile?

If you have a pet, you can feed it from time to time. The first time you feed a pet, it will follow the highest level of the other one. Getting more food for your pet will be helpful when you are training it, but it can be difficult to find the right food. Here are some tips to help you find food for your pet. If you have a pet that’s not eating very much, feed it from time to time.

Your pets can help you collect loot, as they can pick up items dropped by monsters. Pets have semi-useful skills that can be useful in battle, such as locating enemy players and gathering resources. They can also help you find rare/elite monsters and give your character an additional Skill bonus. However, they can only help you gather so much food. So, how do you get more pet food?

How many pets can you have in BDO?

There are several ways to get as many pets as you want in BDO. Generally, pets will cost thousands of Pearls, but there are other options that will cost you less. You can upgrade your pets by doing the main quest line or by purchasing a market maid. If you do not have enough Pearls to buy all the pets you want, you can always buy them later. But, be aware that if you are on a tight budget, you may be able to get as many pets as you want.

The first way to get more pets is to complete the main story quests. Every time you do, you will get at least 3 free pets. Typically, these are Tier 1 pets that only have one skill. These pets will pick up loot on the run, but they will not have the same level as you. Once you are well-fed, your pets will keep gaining new levels and experience. The more pets you have, the better off you will be!