what are ancient grains in dog food

When you’re looking for dog food for your pooch, you may want to look for products that include these ancient grains. Ancient grains are rich in fiber, making them easier on the digestive system and prevent blood sugar spikes. Because they absorb food slowly, ancient grains can also help prevent metabolic problems. Millet is a good example of a grain with great benefits. It’s particularly high in magnesium, which is vital to a number of enzymatic reactions, including maintaining strong bones.


Incorporated into Naked Essentials, Ancient Grains contains several good-for-your-dog grains that are packed with prebiotics and probiotics. They also contain a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals. These ingredients should be found in a dog’s diet as the first ingredient. The benefits of ancient grains for dogs are many. Here are a few examples of the health benefits of these grains.

These foods are rich in fiber and protein, and they can be especially beneficial for sensitive stomachs and food intolerances. They contain high amounts of amino acids, protein, and fibre, which your dog needs to keep its digestive system healthy. Besides helping your dog’s digestion, ancient grains are also good sources of fiber and protein. These foods are especially useful for dogs who have trouble digesting meat and grains.

Bananas are an excellent natural source of prebiotics. Bananas also provide potassium and vitamin B6. Bananas are also a great source of prebiotic fiber. These foods support the growth of healthy gut bacteria and support digestion. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they are good sources of antioxidants and vitamin C. But what makes them so great for dogs? And they can double as whole grains, which is even better!


You can find grain-free options for dogs on the market today. One grain-free dog food that has earned high praise is Taste of the Wild with Ancient Grains. It combines meats with ancient grains like quinoa, millet, and sorghum for a complete meal that is true to your pet’s ancestral diet. The ancient grains in this dog food are carefully chosen for their high nutritional content and superfood reputation.

In addition to being rich in fiber, ancient grains are also good sources of carbohydrates and B vitamins, which play important roles in enzyme functions and energy metabolism. Whole rice is also good for dogs with digestive upset. Whole rice is also digestible and is a great alternative to corn, which is hard to digest and contains no fiber. Barley is also a grain found in many dog foods and is usually associated with beer and other foods.

Omega-3 fatty acids

A good source of Omega-3 fatty acids is meat. Meat is a concentrated source of amino acids, which your dog needs to thrive. In this recipe, you can choose from four meat sources you trust, and ancient grains are packed with fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids. These ingredients have been selected for their nutritional content and superfood reputation. Whether your dog enjoys a casual lifestyle or is active, he or she will benefit from this meal.

Ancient grains have an impressive list of benefits, including providing the right amount of protein and fiber for your pup. Not only do they contain necessary vitamins, but they also help boost your dog’s immune system and thyroid. And because they are rich in Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, they help maintain your dog’s skin and coat. So, your dog is guaranteed to have a healthy and happy life.

Grain-free diets

While many grain-free dog foods contain no grains, they can still cause problems. Grain-free dog food is full of starches, which are biologically inappropriate for dogs. Because these carbs increase your pet’s caloric intake, they can lead to health problems, including obesity. Grain-free dog food often contains soy products, which are highly processed and genetically modified. Soy can cause health issues for dogs because it is hard to digest. Additionally, grain-free dog food often contains a thickening agent called carrageenan, which has no nutritional value whatsoever. The latter is also a known cause of gastrointestinal inflammation in dogs.

In the first place, grain-free diets are linked to heart disease. Although the headline did not mention grain-free diets, many articles have linked the two. The FDA statement states that the relationship between grain-free diets and canine DCM is “possible,” but the fact remains that other factors are also likely at play. This is because some dogs with heart disease are sensitive to grain, and others are not. Fortunately, the vast majority of dogs do not develop cardiac disease when eating grain-free foods.