You’ve probably heard of torta, but what is torta ahogada? It’s a regional specialty and literally translates to “small cake” or “drowned torta.” Eaten with a fork and knife, torta ahogada is kind of like a Mexican French dip sandwich. You can make it at home, and it’s relatively easy to make. Just make sure to prep your ingredients beforehand.


A simple mexican food item, involtini, is simply thin slices of fish or meat cooked with a mild sauce. It can be grilled, baked, or sauteed. Jalapeno peppers are a common ingredient, but serrano peppers are an excellent substitute. Jasmine rice is a fragrant, long grain rice from Thailand with a length four to five times its width. Jicama, which can be found at Mexican markets from May to November, makes a great crudite platter.

Chicharrones preparados

If you’re a lover of Mexican food, you probably know the delight of preparing this traditional staple. Chicharrones are deep-fried pig skin slices, and they can be a real treat. They’re incredibly addictive and are typically sold in huge sheets in Mexico City. Eat them plain, or dip them in salsa for a truly Mexican experience. These fried treats are also very popular in the American South, where they’re known as pork cracklings or rinds. While preparing chicharrones is a bit of a project, you’ll soon be rewarded with tasty results.

Originally from Mexico, chicharrones are made from wheat wheels and fried until crispy. They are often seasoned with chili powder or lime juice. Their salty flavor makes them a popular appetizer, but they can be made into a satisfying meal on their own. Chicharrones are high in sodium and saturated fat, so be sure to watch the amount you add.

Bolillo rolls

This simple, delicious dish is one of Mexico’s most basic and traditional food items. They are essentially burritos, but aren’t wrapped in tortillas. Whether they’re a classic cheesesteak or a twist on burritos, a bolillo roll is a taste explosion. Here’s how to make it.

Tortas are filled corn tortillas and are typically served hot or cold. They are commonly served with meat and may also come with a spicy sauce called ahogada. Some people serve tortas with tie-dyed clothing and a guajillo pepper. Tortas are thought to have originated during the French occupation of Mexico, and have since evolved to become the country’s answer to the American sub. In addition to corn, refried beans, and avocado are common toppings for a torta.


A basic Mexican food item, conchas have a distinctive pattern on the top made by pressing a bread stamp over the topping while the dough is proofing. The topping and roll are the same flavor but the top layer can vary from brown to pink. These treats are popular in bakeries across Mexico and the United States. Many people eat them with coffee at breakfast and as an afternoon snack during merienda.

The simple concha is the most basic Mexican food item, but its countless variations have inspired a host of creative variations. In Washington, DC, for example, Elisa Reyna, a trained pastry chef, makes vanilla conchas with cardamom and lavender cream. Soon, conchas were popping up on menus in some of the city’s best Mexican restaurants and foodies became more interested in them.

Chongos Zamoranos

This simple dessert is an authentic Mexican food item that originated in Mexico. It is made by mixing raw milk, sugar, and rennet tablets, and is usually eaten as a snack after dinner. You can purchase Chongos Zamoranos at roadside food stalls for a delicious, cheesy treat. This recipe is quick and easy to make, and the nutritional value of this traditional Mexican food item cannot be overstated.

This simple dessert originated in colonial-era convents in Michoacan. It is now available commercially in cans and is widely popular throughout Mexico. The original recipe was created in a happy accident during the Spanish colonial era. Today, Chongos Zamoranos are available in many Mexican sweet shops and are a staple of the local cuisine. Another tasty Mexican dessert is Aromatic capirotada, which is similar to a Mexican bread pudding. It is made of old bread, cinnamon, and brown sugar, with cheese on top.